The Gathering 1.0: Intersections between Community Arts and Socially Engaged Arts Practices

The Gathering has been a very powerful, positive and supportive process geared towards sharing strategies in the engagement of Indigenous, racialized, deaf, disabled, mad, queer, women and other historically-marginalized artists and communities since it was initiated by CPAMO in Spring 2016. Given its success, The Gathering 1.0 | Intersections between Community Arts and Socially Engaged Arts Practices will explore frameworks for understanding the potential of community arts and socially engaged arts in supporting the expressions of these artists and their art making.

This convening will feature showcase performances, community-based visual arts and plenary sessions aimed at building organizational and artistic capacity, with the hope of enlivening the many ways in which the Arts intersects with and provides public impact, civic engagement and deeper skills development. This edition of The Gathering 1.0 is dedicated to the work of Shula Strassfeld, CPAMO Program Facilitator, Dancer and Intergenerational Community Arts Champion.

The Gathering offers an interactive space where arts organizations, artists and attendees dedicated to advancing pluralism in the arts can share dialogue on common purposes and strategies. We believe systemic change is more effectively achieved through collective, creative action, and seek to learn from everyone to understand how contemporary intersections in artistic practice shape diverse Canadian cultural expressions.

The day will include panel discussions on the intersections of learning involved in community arts practices and how engaged community arts informs a professional arts career. Slated to present we have visual artists:

Wayne Dunkley a visual artist, storyteller, voice actor and educator with a social practice that includes photography, digital media, community development. 20 years ago, he postered 400 pictures of himself to take society’s temperature on prejudice. 20 years later he is doing it again. Why? A social commentary of the currency of our time. It’s time for a different conversation about all prejudices, racism, sexism, ageism, genderism, ableism and others.
The art activation project “Bloody Boats!!” by Akshata Naik, talks of how we humans belong to different land, language, race, ethnic culture and are largely identified by the tags such as white, black, person of colour, immigrant, newcomer, refugee, queer, LGBTQ, indigenous that we often associate ourselves with but forget there are so many things is us which are common.
Lisa Frost in “Filling the Gap” will use colourful yarn to create a community engaged artwork where the participants of The Gathering will be invited to contribute to the work.
Performing arts will be represented by writer Mugabi Byenkya who will share a piece inspired by his debut novel ‘Dear Philomena,’. The piece wrestles with being a black, disabled, queer individual attempting to navigate the North American medical establishment that was not built for POC people. Aria Evans and the GoToDance Company will showcase a dance performance as will dance artist Coco Murray respectively rooted in Arts Education and Community engaged Indigenous and African dance.

The Gathering 1.0 will have a special performance by Dance Exchange (Washington D.C) for which it’s founder is the visionary behind the Critical Response Process (CRP) which Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario employs in its work with the Pluralism for Organizational Change (CPAMOPOC) participants. Their performance will be intergenerational with embedded audience engagement.

Regular admission:
$20 each panel or showcase | $30 for both panel + showcase
$15 each panel or showcase | $25 for both panel + showcase

Tickets available online:

For more information contact:
Kevin A. Ormsby, Program Manager

* In the image above (left to right): Coco Murray, Mugabi Byenkya, Wayne Dunkley, Lisa Frost, Aria Evans and Akshata Naik.

We would like to thank the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Propeller Project, the Applegath Group, CIBC Wood Gundy, Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration for their support.

Artist Panel – In House – Benefit Art Show

In House – Benefit Art Show

February 17 – 24, 2017 | Third Floor Hallway Galleries

February 24th, 6pm at Paperhouse Studio (Studio 102)

Image: Megan Price, For All That Was Soft, detail process shot, 2017, cotton, wool, cashmere, marble, variable sizes.

For the 2017 In House benefit art show, Paperhouse Studio has invited eight emerging and established artists to create new work exploring contemporary approaches to working with handmade paper. These artists, whose practices feature an emphasis on materiality and process, have taken to working with handmade paper in a myriad of different ways. The resulting works highlight strong interconnections between notions of labour and temporality, contextualized in relation to personal histories, geologic time, and commonplace objects. Each artist has donated a portion of the new work that they have created in support of the studio and its programming.

Yael Brotman​, ​Melanie Chikofsky​, ​Doug Guildford​, ​Tessar Lo​, ​Tim Manalo, ​Roula Partheniou​, ​Meghan Price​ and ​Natalie Wood.

Paperhouse Studio is pleased to host a panel discussion with select In House artists, beginning at 6:00PM on February 24th. Following the panel discussion, please join us for the opening reception at Critical Distance Centre for Curators and the Third Floor Hallway Galleries at Artscape Youngplace from 7:00PM until 10:00PM.

During the reception, bid on artworks incorporating paper made at Paperhouse Studio, on view in the Third Floor Hallway Galleries at Artscape Youngplace and participate in our draw prize

​*​for a chance to win a variety of exciting handmade goods, books, art supplies, gift certificates for classes, art works and more! Delicious cocktails, oysters, and hors d’oeuvres will be provided by our event partners.

Friday to Tuesday, Suite 302
12pm to 5pm or by appointment

​RSVP here.​

*​Draw prize tickets available for purchase now! ($5 each)

Paperhouse Studio​

102-180 Shaw Street, Toronto ON. M6J2W5

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