Spectra 3

November 2 – 21, 2020, 2nd Floor Hallway Gallery

By appointment only, please book a viewing time with the artist

Spectra is an annual three-part exhibition showcasing the work of members at Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. Images made in a diverse range of motives and aesthetics have been curated to showcase the talented artists in the Gallery 44 community. The works in Spectra 3 look at the city, the people and buildings in it, and the myriad ways in which we as artists try to make meaning and create a lasting connection. Works containing the human figure or not, ask the viewer to think about our humanity. This exhibition connects seemingly disparate images and finds their commonalities—multiple modes of photography are exhibited. Gallery display curated by Fehn Foss.

Featured Artists

Ana Šašić
Danielle Goshay
David Scriven
Fred Lum
Gloria Caballero
Gustavo Jabbaz
Katherine Childs
Kye Marshall
Linda Briskin
Ivan Rupes