Souls in Convergence

Nily Artists Collective presents Souls in Convergence

Souls in Convergence is a group exhibition by the Nily Artists Collective.

The participating artists are: Shafagh Azhandeh, Shirin Hashemi, Mojgan Amri, Shabnam Afrand, Golbahar Hassanabadi, Bahareh Soltani, Frida Dilmaghani, Ladan Rezajouie, Zahra Tavassoli and Shohreh Edalat


Exhibition Statement
“We held our breath in anticipation, while continued counting to reach the noble moment of the new era to arrive! The midnight came and went for the second year in a row in solitude and oblivion”.

The world was experiencing an unprecedented pandemic, creeping through valleys and meadows, uptowns, and main streets, threatening our existence. This could not be! The fear shouldn’t and couldn’t overtake our resilience and resolve. We had decided! At this altering crossroad, the challenges pulled us together instead of throwing us apart. The celestial assembly of ten artists gradually took shape.

Wandering souls were drawn together on an ambiguous journey of discovering camaraderie, a ride to definition and focus. For nearly two years our backpacks were frequently packed, easels, canvasses, mahlsticks, brushes, paint, glaze, cell phones, and cameras … And then there was the expanse of the green lands, rivers and creeks, birds singing and flocks of loons flying in their ever-orderly regiments. The benevolent lands of Anishinaabeg, Haudenosaunee and Métis were stretched in front of us as a cradle for creativity, interpretations, a childlike excitement of discovery, soaking in and framing.

We uncovered and pondered over the newly found shades of colors, silhouettes of objects, and a whole new world in silence and sound, all equally mesmerizing and breathtaking. We went beyond our usual brushstrokes, sketching, and constructs.

What we have collectively presented in Soles in Convergence is a declaration, a genuine recognition for space. A unique place that allows for superseding fear, isolation, contrasts, spreading a bed for unifications. Our vision of traveling beyond displaying our art for enjoyment and debate is embedded in an extraordinary time that our contemporary world has never witnessed the likes of.

In viewing our works here, you are the pioneer observers to the artistic expressions of ten women who have been on their journey of tens of thousands of kilometers prior to this health crisis but also the same women who have landed together on a hub of their artistic breakthroughs.

Our friendship has persevered despite our existing principles and evolved on a platform of renewed dialogues.

This experiential encounter would have not taken place in any other era except during a period with overwhelming impositions beyond our control with a stunning result of affirmative artistic growth and development.


The exhibition is located on the third floor hallway gallery at Artscape Youngplace.

Exhibition Dates: November 16  – 29

Reception: November 19th 4PM – 8PM