Literally / Figuratively exhibits explorations of the human figure created by students in the Life Drawing program at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts. Using a range of media, surface, and technique, students have each embarked on their own journey in studying the human form. Through anatomical studies, drawing from professional models for over three months and various creative challenges, students have had the opportunity to hone their observational drawing skills and investigate contemporary and historical representations of the figure.

At Rosedale Heights School of the Arts we believe that the arts are for all young people, that they enrich the academic lives of students, and that “talent” should not dictate a young person’s access to learning. Our approach to the arts emphasizes creative process in addition to technique. We cultivate student voice through students developing, planning and curating their own shows.

Works have been selected by a jury consisting of Anthony Cooper, Julian Majewski and faculty.  For any inquiries about purchasing artwork or about our program, please contact: Follow us on Instagram @rhsavisualarts.

Statement co-written by George Gialouris-Tsivikas Gr. 11 Student, RHSA  & Brittany Cutler Visual Art & Media Art Teacher, RHSA