Dying. by Taboo Health

15 January – 31 January 2020, Third Floor Hallway Gallery

‘Dying.exhibits’ is an exhibition series on end of life, inviting participants to think about their relationship with life and death as a process; encouraging heart-level conversations about difficult, often taboo topics. By holistically engaging with life, including death, ‘Dying.exhibits’ becomes a catalyst for unpacking the uncomfortable. The exhibition serves as an opportunity to engage with diverse perspectives and participate in open discussion about death and dying through engaging art and design works and participatory experiences.

In 2019, the ‘Dying.’ series attracted over 3000 attendees, 14 speakers, including keynote Ivor Williams (Helix Centre, UK), and 12 exhibiting artists and designers over the course of the DesignTO festival. In its second year, ‘Dying.’ will continue to offer the public the opportunity to creatively engage in conversation about death and dying through the lens of art and design.

During DesignTO there will be several events under the ‘Dying.’ series with an opportunity to visit exhibits across Toronto.

‘Dying.’ is a collaboration between the Health Design Studio at OCAD U and Taboo Health.

Participating Artists
Brileigh Hardcastle
Clara Laratta
David Constantino Salazar
Elyse-Krista Mische
Fiona Annis
Karen Oikonen
Kate Sellen
Kate Hale Wilkes
Kathy Porter
Laura Kay Keeling
Lydia Haywood-Munn
Max Suillerot
Mia Cinelli
Sarina Isenberg