Recognition Guidelines

If you or your organization has received support from Artscape at Artscape Youngplace in the form of a sponsorship, subsidized space or other means, we request that you kindly include an acknowledgement in your printed and/or digital communications and marketing materials, where space allows.

Please do not use the Artscape logo or the Artscape Youngplace logo in your materials for other reasons.

Placement of the Artscape logo on its own is acceptable for most forms of recognition. When using our logo, please respect our guidelines:

  • Use logo files strictly as provided
  • Do not alter, add to, distort or change the colour(s) of the Artscape logo
  • Do not reduce to smaller than one inch in width
  • Ensure placement maximizes legibility; do not crowd
  • Do not add words (ex. tagline, website URL) to the graphic—contact us if you need anything extra




Please contact us if you need vector files (EPS).

We always appreciate being forwarded a pre-production copy of your major marketing/communications materials showing our logo for proofing/verification purposes. Contact Megan Press, Manager, at