Our advisories help Artscape realize a shared community vision for Artscape Youngplace. See below for a list of our advisories and their members.

Youngplace Community Advisory

Artscape works with community and building stakeholders to identify programming opportunities, deliver special initiatives and leverage communication networks to encourage the involvement of community members in activities at Artscape Youngplace.

Youngplace Community Advisory Members:
Jessica Dargo Caplan / Elly Green / Patti Kain / Mark Osler / Shani Parsons / Talia Shapero / Mary Wolff

Curatorial Advisory

Artscape manages the Hallway Galleries with input from a Curatorial Advisory composed of owners, tenants as well as representatives from the local neighbourhood and the Toronto arts community. This committee recommends programming policy and assists staff with the solicitation, review and selection of programming for the galleries and common spaces.

Curatorial Advisory Members:
Elle Aconcel / Nicolas Barrette / Tara Bartolini / Zev Farber / Mona Filip / Shabnam K. Ghazi / Betty Ann Jordan / Victoria Lean  / Kate MacKay / Shani Parsons / Oliver Pauk / Maxine Proctor / Leila Timmins / Leah Turner / Britt Welter-Nolan / Lisa Wyndels