Who’s Here: The Intergalactic Arts Collective at Artscape Youngplace

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Who’s Here?

The Intergalactic Arts Collective (IGAC) is a group of professional artists who have joined forces to share the studio space #103 here at Artscape Youngplace. IGAC is unique in the sense that all artists work individually on a freelance level running their own classes and programs, yet they operate in the space collectively by consensus. Since the group incorporated recently to all become members of the board of the corporation IGAC, some exciting changes are in store!

Started in 1993, the Intergalactic Arts Collective is a group of interdisciplinary performing artists that focuses on the research and presentation of new performance work, as well as widening audience perception and understanding of contemporary performance forms. IGAC’s 1,028 square foot studio at Artscape Youngplace is a hub for innovation in performance and a centre for artistic research and performance, teaching and coaching.

Meet some of the collective:


Jessica Runge is an award-winning dancer, choreographer, and teacher. She has performed to critical acclaim across Canada and internationally in the works of notable choreographers, and has danced for the Toronto Dance Theatre and Le Groupe Dance Lab. Runge’s work as a choreographer and interpreter investigates the way movement has meaning for audiences. She is interested in a range of expressivity, and has found potential in diverse physical vocabularies and structural forms (including: site-specific work, aerial dance, and interactive projects).

Since 2013, Runge has been working out of Artscape Youngplace, and is currently President of the Board of the space-sharing Intergalactic Arts Collective based in unit 103. She teaches, rehearses, and performs out of her studio. For more informaiton about her fall session after-school dance classes, please visit www.jessicarunge.com

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For more than a decade, Toronto-based dance artist Tracey Norman has been a driving force in her community, splitting her time between choreographing, teaching, performing and researching dance. Her choreography has been presented on stages across Canada. Currently on faculty in the Department of Dance at York University, Tracey received her MFA in Choreography and Dramaturgy in 2010. Tracey has been a member of IGAC since 2012 and currently holds the position of Secretary. She mainly uses the studio for rehearsals and lately has been teaching movement classes which will continue again beginning in late August.




Jennifer Dallas is an established contemporary artist, working in performance, choreography and costume design. She is an artistic visionary who brings a unique combination of technical skill and playful insight to her work. Jennifer is currently working on a solo show, Kittly, with director John Turner, that will premier at the Theatre Centre January 11-15, 2017.


Image by Melanie Gordon.


Simla Civelek is a performance artist based in Toronto, Canada.

Her work has been presented at the FADO Performance Art Centre, 7A*11D International Festival of Performance Art, SAVAC, Nuit Blanche in Toronto, Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC, Circa in Montréal, QC, Art Nomade in Chicoutimi, QC, Regart in Lévis, QC and OPEN Performance Art Festival in Beijing, China among other venues. Simla joined IGAC in 2010 and currently serves as the Membership Coordinator.


Creator, performer, arts educator in Canada & abroad, Maxine Heppner teaches and coaches improvisation & performance techniques (pure movement & interdisciplinary), choreography, integrated movement-voice technique, Action Theatre & her unique Cycles training.

“Cycles Practice” is a contemporary dance class that leads each dancer to enjoy the simultaneous experiences of physicality, emotional expression, and group communication. Appropriate for all ages and experience (recreation, physical training and professional) the session is structured for each individual to work at maximum capacity within your personal range and can be experienced as both high and low impact depending on your interests, abilities and needs.

More information and schedules: info@acrossoceans.org

Other members of the IGAC board: Lo Bil, Sue Lee, Angela Blumberg and Sara Porter.

IGAC is working to find a way for the studio to better support the range of artistic practices that happen within their space. If you are interested in becoming a tenant or renting this incredible space for a long or short term event, please contact igac@jessicarunge.com

Visit IGAC’s website for more information: https://intergalacticarts.wordpress.com