Exhibition – Lethologica


April 7-9 from 12pm to 6pm and April 10 from 12pm to 4pm | First, Second and Third Floors, Hallway Galleries | Free

Closing Reception: Saturday April 9, 6:00 to 9:00 pm, refreshments and cash bar available.

Lethologica is an interdisciplinary exhibition of conceptual art, created by fourth year students, from the Studio program at the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus.

What does ‘lethologica’ mean? Lethologica is an unofficial word describing the phenomenon of “losing” a word as you’re about to say it.

Andy AQUINO, Daniel BERNAL, Pedro CHAN, Young Soo CHO, Celeste HAMILTON, Meena Harry PERSAD, Sarah LACASSE, Monika LATIF, Audrey MANUEL, Dhanisha MISTRY, Jes MULI, Chantal NABERT, Olivia WALLACE, Kristina ZAJA, Muzhen ZHANG, Yiling CHEN, Jason CHONG, Elvina CHU, Yi CHU, Emily Minjoo JUNG, Elyse LEDREN, Sharon LIN, Megan Francis MACDONALD, Ping YUAN, Peter WANG, Karen WONG, TJ Haoxuan. YANG, Alma YUAN, Mao Mao ZHAO, Runxin ZHENG, Desheng ZHONG