SKETCH Holiday Marketplace

Original artwork and crafts for sale created by emerging artists and entrepreneurs at SKETCH! Food, exhibitions, performances and more!

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FEBRUARY 17 & 24, MARCH 3 & 10
(TIME: 6:00 TO 8:00 P.M.)
MARCH 17, 24, & 31
(TIME: 4:30 TO 6: 30 P.M.)

As a self-funded non-profit, we have a “Give” and “Take” donation system in effect. For a minimum donation of $3, you can pick-up any gift item available that day (i.e. THHCC buttons, spray paint masks and filters, comic books, totally random but lots of fun stuff) as a symbol of our gratitude for your continued support. This fee will be collected at the door upon entry; please have exact change. All donations are used to refuel the THHCC and goes back into the operation of the studio space and towards additional community programming.

Contemporary Calligraphy- Level 1 Workshop

This class is intended for beginners with little to no experience in calligraphy or those that are interested in learning a more structured approach to modern calligraphy. All the tools for this class will be provided and you will have plenty of resources for your take home practice!


THE ART OF “BREAKING”: The only dance that came out of “HIP HOP”

– Learn the fundamental moves of “breaking” like top rocking & floor rocking
– Conditioning training for break dancers
– Embracing hip hop culture & the movement
– Mentorship & encouragement
– Impart critical life skills; key to “Success”
– Program is designed to engage, inspire, inform, & empower
– Build self-confidence… just showing up to the studio to face a challenge never experienced before takes courage
– 1-on-1 attention; experienced instructors
– No experience necessary

Ivan Mazuze Quartet presents Ubuntu

Ivan Mazuze is a Norway based composer, award-winning saxophonist, and world jazz artist of Mozambique origin.

Ivan Mazuze has recorded and performed with acclaimed international artists such as: Omar Sosa, Manou Gallo, Linley Marthe, Bugge Wesseltolft, Jacob Young, Per Mathisen, Enzo Favata, Enrico Zanisi, Jonathan Butler, Hermeto Pascoal, Ernest Dawkins, and Steve Wilson, to name a few. With his own group he has recently performed at world stage festivals and venues including Peperoncino Jazz Festival, Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Joy of Jazz Festival, Maputo International Jazz Festival, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Hamilton World Music Festival, Oslo World Music Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Mela Festival, Oslo Kulturnatt, Vossa Jazz Festival, Kampen Jazz, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Cosmopolite Scene, Play Music Festival, International Academy of Music Festival, Grahamstown Jazz Festival, DiVino Jazz Festival, Amapa Jazz Festival, Clube do Choro, Havana International Jazz Festival, Jazztage Gorlitz Festival and more.

In the last seven years, Mazuze has been representing the “world jazz” coming out of Norway at numerous musical events and festivals around the world, in collaboration with Norwegian based cultural institutions such as Arts Council Norway and Music Norway.

The Ivan Mazuze Quartet presents world jazz at its best.

Deeply rooted in African Jazz, his melodic tunes are backed by a powerful rhythm section consisting of electric bass and acoustic piano as pillars, which gives space for improvisations, creating a landscape that moves between Jazz and the African urban soundscape.

In this performance Mazuze will be featuring some of the prominent musicians from Canada and Portugal as an extension of his various collaboration projects.

Ivan Mazuze – saxophones
Jeremy Leadbetter – piano
Rich Brown – bass
Marito Marques – drums

His latest album, “Ubuntu,” is featured in the Compilation album “Jazz from Norway 7th edition.” It affords a good picture of the Norwegian jazz scene today, ranging from mainstream to more modern forms, including what has come to be known as the Nordic sound. The – 7th set shows the variety, versatility and quality of jazz in Norway today.

Artist website:

“Ivan Mazuze personifies generosity of spirit on this album. There is a kind of benevolence and compassion about his work that lifts you, makes you smile and feel good inside. In the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ‘Music is the universal language of mankind.’”- David Fischel – Norway

“Ivan has the confidence of a runner who can go at top speed if necessary but who knows the value of superb phrasing and tone.” Anya Wassenberg, Arts and Culture Maven – Canada

“This is the third album that he has recorded and reveals a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist playing at the top of his game.” Chris Baber, Jazz Views

Spirit of the Narrows

Created and written by Anne Lederman, and performed by Anne and Capucine Onn, Spirit of the Narrows is the story of one woman’s journey into the world of Aboriginal fiddling. As a young musician, Anne became fascinated with the unusual sound of Métis and First Nations fiddling in her home province of Manitoba. In the mid 1980s, she set out to learn more about it. Whom did she meet but fiddlers like Carl Grexton, Emile Spence, Laurence Flett, Grandy Fagnan, Teddy Boy Houle and a host of others, some of whom didn’t quite know what to make of this young woman with a fiddle under her arm. Entering a world very different from her own, the play is her journey—between present and past, between cultures, and between states of mind.

Through one woman’s eyes, Spirit of the Narrows is a story about a uniquely Canadian music and the people who created It. The music is like no other, embodying Indigenous, French, English, American and Eastern European traditions, all played on a small box with four strings. Spirit of the Narrows is alive with humour, insight and respect and is a tribute to the people and the music Anne came to know. Audiences come away from the show with the unique sounds of Aboriginal folk fiddling ringing in their ears, along with a new understanding of life on the Canadian prairies in the late 20th century. And of how this music tells the story of the coming together of many peoples. Like Anne, you won’t be quite the same on your return.

Anne has performed a solo version of the show from Wells, B.C. to Aberdeen, Scotland, in homes, church basements, classrooms, folk clubs and theaters. In 2004, the Blyth Festival invited her to adapt it for 2 performers, which did so well it was brought back for a 2nd season in 2005. In 2015 and 2016, the show was revived at The Pearl Company in Hamilton to rave reviews, called “The Best of 2015” by Hamilton Arts paper, View.


“What an incredible show! A show that provokes thought and is marvelously entertaining. Congratulations on such an excellent production.” – Mark Nonkes, Blyth 2004

“Anne is a great fiddler and story teller. She has clearly absorbed many of the accents and idiosyncrasies of rural Manitoba, often portrayed to hilarious effect. Recommended for those who love music, fiddle, Manitoba, and good times.” – Mackenzie Kristjon Jenkyns, Raise the Hammer (online review) Nov. 2015

“Vivid, layered, intimate and, at points, mystical… The musicians she meets and the complexity and pathos of their experiences as individuals and as First Nations people are beautifully brought to life. The two actors navigate time, space, clashes of identity, culture and musical tradition into one skillfully woven performance.” – Allison Jones, The View

“While not Métis herself, Lederman has devoted herself to the preservation of old fiddle music.” – Métis Nation of Ontario website

“You cannot experience Spirit of the Narrows without thinking that Lederman was born to find this music.” – Robert Reid, The Record

“Anne Lederman has done something incredible here, and the scope of its cultural value is something that is almost impossible to appraise other than to say this: it’s more than a record or a testament. It is truly a living and breathing coil of our collective Canadian DNA and it deserves to be cherished.” – Gil Garratt, Blyth Theatre Festival

Tom Todoroff Acting Master Class

Calling all Actors, Directors and Performers!

On Thursday November 9th, come experience the incredible work Tom Todoroff does with actors worldwide and at his Conservatory in New York City. Tom Todoroff is a Director / Producer / Acting Coach whose clients include Liam Neeson, Samuel L. Jackson, Sasha Alexander, Tony Goldwyn, Allison Janney, Sienna Miller and many more!

Come see why Liam Neeson says “Tom’s care, sensitivity and insight are second to none” and Samuel L. Jackson says “Todoroff is the best. Look no further…all you need is T.T.”

What’s a Master Class?

The Master Class gives you first hand experience of the way Tom coaches and directs actors. You will observe how this powerful work renders overwhelming and immediate transformations!

In this class, instruction is done by way of demonstration. So attendees may volunteer to perform a 1-2 minute monologue and receive personalized coaching in front of the group!

Attendees are also welcome to observe only, if preferred.

All attendees will learn to transform nervousness into intense excitement, be expressive rather than impressive, strengthen and find their true inner voice, and think like a producer. Walk away with a deeper understanding of the art, the business and the spirituality of acting.

Please note: While this event is targeted to actors seeking in-depth professional training in acting for theater, film and television, we encourage actors, directors and performers of all levels and disciplines to attend this event. The information provided is applicable to all walks of life!

We highly recommend all attendees thoroughly review and prior to attending the class and make a list of questions about any aspect of acting you wish to ask during the Q & A at the end of the class.

WHAT TO BRING? Materials for note-taking!

QUESTIONS? email us at In your email, please include your full name, the date and city name of the class in question.

REGISTER: Follow the link below!

Finding Freedom: An Introductory Workshop To Healing Your Emotional Eating

We’re done with the negative self talk, right? The “starting fresh on Monday”, the constant vicious cycle of failed diets and using food to mask the intensity and discomfort of emotions through emotional eating.

What if we were able to get to the root of what’s triggering your behaviours, and ultimately repair your relationship with food, your body and yourself?

In our Finding Freedom workshop, we are setting out to help you do just that through the act of connecting, sharing, expressing, releasing and celebrating. In this 4 hour workshop, you can expect to kick start the journey to repairing your relationship with food and regaining your mental clarity, alongside a group of 20 like-minded women to ultimately craft a supportive, uplifting and safe environment. This includes diving into our emotional vulnerabilities, peeking into our personal histories with food, and leaning into a healing relationship with our bodies and minds..

Through the use of clinically informed therapeutic interventions and foundational knowledge in nutrition, the Finding Freedom Workshop is designed to support you in gaining self awareness, promoting an understanding of the healing benefits of food, and how to cope with triggers and emotions that create discomfort and may lead to emotional eating, disordered eating or contribute to a complex relationship with food.

This approach to enhancing your mental wellness and health will include risk taking, connecting and, yes – celebrating!

Our Special Guest, Allie Sommerville, Culinary Holistic Nutritionist, will be leading participants through a fun cooking demonstration aimed towards restoring our love in the kitchen, and fueling us with nutrient dense foods that promote optimal mood, including her Decadent Guilt-Free Chocolate Sauce, Raw Gut-Healing Kimchi Collard Wraps and a Nourishing Golden Milk.

Rasha Concert

Rasha is a uniquely gifted Sudanese singer, musician and songwriter who has had a global presence in the international music scene for over 25 years. Rasha emigrated to Spain in 1991 to escape the volatile situation in Sudan, where the new regime after the coup in 1989 was also enforcing strict rules on women’s dress and basic freedoms. Rasha’s musical style is a fascinating amalgamation of Nubian cultural traditions, the rhythms of central Sudan, the tom-tom beats of the African Sahel, echoes and influences of North African, Arabic and Andalusian (flamenco), modern blues, jazz and reggae. A mosaic of sounds that creates music deeply rooted in the culture of Sudan, yet influenced and shaped by many other genres; the result is something very spectacular. This is a unique and one off trio performance following Rasha’s appearance at the Festival du Monde Arabe de Montréal earlier in the week.

Friday November 3 from 8-10pm in Suite 103- Small World Music.

Astrology for Success & Growth: ACTivate the power in your stars


Learn how using your PERSONAL astrology details can signal upcoming OPPORTUNITIES or landmines
Find out how to recognize, NAVIGATE and make the most of upcoming planetary transits
GATHER together and converse with progressive, unique, like minded individuals
Activate the latent possibilities that WILL blossom in this space
PLAN with dates and timelines specific to YOU

**Open to ALL esp. entrepreneurs, creatives, business owners & self development seekers**

$50 Investment

2017-2018 Astrology for Success Transits
including the 2017 and early 2018 eclipse cycles (read: Shock/Change)
Jupiter Annual Transit (read: Abundance/Blessings)
Mecury Retrograde (read: Revision/Review)
Saturn & Uranus Trine (read: Activation)
– Caribbean Pescetarian or Vegan Meal, Caribbean ginger sorrel, coffee/tea/water
– Raw Redemption Gift
– Social media consultation*

$100 VIP Investment
(sales end 08.23 to allow for birth info data collection & research)

2017-2018 Astrology for Success Transits
including the 2017 and early 2018 eclipse cycles (read: Shock/Change)
Jupiter Annual Transit (read: Abundance/Blessings)
Mecury Retrograde (read: Revision/Review)
Saturn & Uranus Trine (read: Activation)
– Caribbean Pescetarian or Vegan Meal, Caribbean ginger sorrel, coffee/tea/water
– Raw Redemption Gift
– Social media consultation*
– Personal Birth Chart with personally significant dates for the rest of 2017 and 2018 until 02.28.18)

*Social Media Consulation to be booked after event with Beau Pinto, Social Media and Marketing Consultant of Beau Pinto Marketing (

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