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Find out if the co-op model is right for your business

Co-operatives are businesses or organizations jointly owned and democratically controlled by one or more groups of stakeholders. Co-ops can be formed by workers, consumers or even by groups of businesses, organizations or independent entrepreneurs. Co-ops can be for profit, non-profit or registered charities. Co-operatives are particularly well-suited for many creative and cultural purposes, because they are people-centred and anchor the operation in the community.

In Ontario, co-ops have been formed to operate galleries and dance schools, provide affordable access to equipment for independent film-makers and to save and operate a local community theatre. In some cases, the co-operative model is ideal for revitalizing and/or re-purposing a traditional business or organization that is facing difficulties.

This introductory workshop will provide an overview of how co-operatives are formed, how they operate, and help you determine whether a co-operative approach would be suited to address your needs. REGISTER NOW on the Ontario Co-Ops website via the link in the info box below.

Instructor Spotlight: Peter Cameron

Peter Cameron_profile

Peter Cameron is the Co-operative Development Manager with the Ontario Co-operative Association. He is responsible for supporting existing co-ops and starting new co-ops by responding to inquiries, co-ordinating technical assistance programs and identifying funding opportunities to expand co-operative development. He works with various government ministries to promote the co-operative business model. Co-ops have always been his passion and he has extensive experience starting and working in co-op businesses. He is a graduate of the Co-operative Management Certificate Program, Schulich School of Business, York University.

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This workshop is part of the Business Skills for Growth workshop series, an Artscape Launchpad initiative, which offers opportunities to develop creative entrepreneurship and business skills for the creative and cultural sector. To find out more about Artscape Launchpad and other workshops in the Business Skills for Growth series, click the link above.

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Are You “Scaling Up?”

Social Enterprise Canada recently interviewed Artscape President and CEO Tim Jones on what it means to “scale up” in business. He shared some great insights on the opportunities and potential challenges of growing a social organization. Check it out!

Are you currently looking at or in the process of scaling up your entrepreneurial business? Every stage of business development requires thoughtful consideration and support. We recently launched a new set of programs to support creative entrepreneurs in their endeavours. These programs are for anyone building an enterprise based on talent and creativity: artists, writers, filmmakers, new media designers, musicians, craftspeople and so many others whose talent drives the arts and culture forward. We hope you’ll join us in Artscape’s Launchpad Training Initiative aims to give creative entrepreneurs a boost.