Image: Brad Necyk – Just A Hard Rain

This exhibition examines how individual and collective experiences of trauma, injury, illness, isolation, recovery, and adjustment are processed; aided and abetted by personal and interpersonal beliefs and behaviours.

ARTISTS: Teresa Ascenção, Stephanie Avery, Marco Buonocore, Cara Cole, Heather Fulton, Sheldon Laporte, Esmond Lee, Barbara Mann, Jaye Martin, Anita McKernan, Brad Necyk, Julie Riemersma, Annette Seip, Tanya Louise Workman

Curator: Claudette Abrams

Advisors: Jeff Bierk, Yuula Benivolski & Tanya Louise Workman

Part of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

2Fik: His and Other Stories
Image: 2Fik - His and Other Stories

Assuming the multiple roles of artistic director, photographer and model, Montreal-based artist 2Fik stages elaborate tableaux in which he single-handedly plays a cast of characters, both male and female, often re-enacting familiar compositions derived from famous paintings. His photo and performance based works toy with reality and dismantle stereotypes, destabilizing the viewer’s assumed points of reference.

As 2Fik’s first solo show in Toronto, His and Other Stories brings together three recent bodies of work that examine cultural legacies as well as individual and national identity constructs. The centrepieces of the exhibition are his latest compositions that dismantle and reconfigure allegorical representations of nationhood reflected in several historic paintings.

Raising irreverent questions, these satirical reinterpretations subvert the absolutes of nationalistic discourses opening them up to the complex and pluralistic realities of today.

A Primary Exhibition of the 2017 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.