Finding Freedom: An Introductory Workshop To Healing Your Emotional Eating

We’re done with the negative self talk, right? The “starting fresh on Monday”, the constant vicious cycle of failed diets and using food to mask the intensity and discomfort of emotions through emotional eating.

What if we were able to get to the root of what’s triggering your behaviours, and ultimately repair your relationship with food, your body and yourself?

In our Finding Freedom workshop, we are setting out to help you do just that through the act of connecting, sharing, expressing, releasing and celebrating. In this 4 hour workshop, you can expect to kick start the journey to repairing your relationship with food and regaining your mental clarity, alongside a group of 20 like-minded women to ultimately craft a supportive, uplifting and safe environment. This includes diving into our emotional vulnerabilities, peeking into our personal histories with food, and leaning into a healing relationship with our bodies and minds..

Through the use of clinically informed therapeutic interventions and foundational knowledge in nutrition, the Finding Freedom Workshop is designed to support you in gaining self awareness, promoting an understanding of the healing benefits of food, and how to cope with triggers and emotions that create discomfort and may lead to emotional eating, disordered eating or contribute to a complex relationship with food.

This approach to enhancing your mental wellness and health will include risk taking, connecting and, yes – celebrating!

Our Special Guest, Allie Sommerville, Culinary Holistic Nutritionist, will be leading participants through a fun cooking demonstration aimed towards restoring our love in the kitchen, and fueling us with nutrient dense foods that promote optimal mood, including her Decadent Guilt-Free Chocolate Sauce, Raw Gut-Healing Kimchi Collard Wraps and a Nourishing Golden Milk.

Anxiety and Entrepreneurship: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Are You Really Living the Startup Dream or You Are Stuck in Unbearable and Paralyzing Anxiety? Building a successful and thriving business is every entrepreneur’s dream. Unfortunately, many founders and entrepreneurs are living a nightmare in pursuit of their dreams; they have given up their mental health and happiness in order to achieve their goals.

Instructor Tawanda is a big believer in people pursuing their dreams, but he also does not believe that dealing with unbearable and paralyzing anxiety should be part of building a successful business. Anxiety that is prolonged is not only bad for your mental health, but it also affects your productivity, efficiency, confidence and happiness.

If you are ready to overcome entrepreneur anxiety, significantly improve your mental health and achieve success with ease, this workshop is for you. You’ll emerge from this workshop feeling more relaxed, focused and empowered.


Information About Instructor:

Tawanda Chirenda is the founder of Becoming a Willing Student, an immersive mental health coaching program for first-time founders and entrepreneurs. Tawanda believes that dealing with unbearable anxiety should not be part of building a successful business. His passion is speaking about entrepreneurship and its intersection with mental health. Through Becoming a Willing Student, Tawanda is helping first-time entrepreneurs strengthen their mental health and face adversity with relative calm and ease.