NUIT ROSE: Say What You Mean by Christos Pantieras

Social networking services have amplified the level of immediacy upon which we interact and court each other. True intent is, at times, buried among a pile of words. In his piece, Say What You Mean, Pantieras examines the sanctity of the written word and the fragile bonds of language.

Christos Pantieras works in mixed media, installation, and sculpture. His recent relocation to Toronto from Ottawa, stemmed from his desire to pursue higher studies and to push the boundaries of his practice. He is a first-year Master of Fine Arts candidate in the Sculpture Department at York University.

NUIT ROSE: The Bus of Perpetual Joy by the Toronto Sisters

The Toronto mission of the notorious Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence host an interactive theatre piece on the Nuit Rose shuttle bus running between the 519 Community Centre and the Gladstone Hotel. The Sisters will be leading sing-alongs, presiding over quizzes, taking naughty confessions, granting glitter blessings, relieving sexually transmitted guilt and generally running amok.

The Toronto Sisters are a mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – a worldwide order of modern queer nuns who have taken vows to promulgate universal joy and expiate stigmatic guilt. Through street theatre, advocacy, ministry and education, they use humour and satire to raise funds and social awareness on LGBT issues and help those on the edges of society.

NUIT ROSE: Unlimited Edition by Elizabeth Sweeney

Unlimited Edition allows the audience to explore their own ability to create art, while it questions the process of art making itself. This interactive performance will originate an unlimited edition of soft, minimalist sculptures. Once the work is completed, the name of each collaborator is recorded, and each piece is numbered and documented. As creators of the piece, both artists share the credit and copyright of the resulting artwork.

Elizabeth Sweeney is a visual artist, art gallery educator and curator originally from Nova Scotia. She has worked for several national art organizations and currently works at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery. She works and lives in Toronto.

NUIT ROSE: The Light Parade, featuring The Cocoon Project by Joey Bruni

The Cocoon Project helps to reignite a connection with nature and brings attention to the rapidly declining numbers of the monarch butterfly population. As people, we grow, experience and overcome obstacles, which are dealt with in different ways, kindred to elements of nature, much like the monarch butterflies. The light parade will depart Artscape Youngplace at 10PM and make its way to the Gladstone Hotel.

Continuously inspired by his surroundings, which play a significant role in the work Joey creates, he aims to change the perception an observer may have on those environments and present them in a way that is intriguing or unusual.

NUIT ROSE: Let Me Tell You That I Love You by Beau Coleman

Participants are led into a room where they will encounter the artist for an intimate one-on-one performance. After a period of silence and observation, the artist will tell the participant what she loves about them, with each statement being completely truthful, stemming out of the present experience of the encounter.

Beau Coleman is a cross-disciplinary artist whose work has been performed and/or exhibited in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. Previous creations include live art, spoken word, digital media, site-specific performance, video, dance and new media installation. Themes of isolation, intimacy and sexuality are interrogated in her work.

NUIT ROSE: Co-Fusion by Holly Timpener and Jack Bride

Co-Fusion centers on the bodies of the two performers—One male, one female. Slowly and gracefully, they enter the realm where the female becomes the male, the male the female. As inhabitants of these bodies, statuesque and exemplary, they invoke the androgynous into existence, becoming it momentarily before it once again slips into ether.

Holly Timpener and Jack Bride work with Subtleties of Identity and Transcendence through installation and performance. Together, Holly and Jack venture to dissolve personal barriers, explore new and strange modalities of being by plunging into the Unknown and bringing the intangible down to Earth.