NUIT ROSE: Speaking OUT: Queer Youth in Focus by Rachelle Lee Smith

This photographic essay explores a wide spectrum of experiences told from the perspective of a diverse group of young people, ages fourteen to twenty-four, identifying as queer. Portraits are presented without judgment or stereotype by eliminating environmental influence with a stark white backdrop. This backdrop acts as a blank canvas, where each subject’s personal thoughts are handwritten onto the final photographic print.

Rachelle Lee Smith an award-winning and internationally shown photographer based in Philadelphia, whose work in Speaking OUT: Queer Youth in Focus combines her passions for activism and photography. The decade long project will be available as a book this fall.

NUIT ROSE: Tryst Pic by Adam Moco

Tryst Pic is a portrait project utilizing popular location-based “hookup” apps such as Grindr, Scruff and Hornet. This endeavour aims to repurpose the meaning of a random “hookup,” the photographer and subject in a non-sexual context through the art of portraiture. The “hookups” range from a few minutes to a few hours, all taking place within the subject’s personal space, using only natural and available light.

Adam Moco, a Toronto-based freelance photographer. He has created a reputation for himself as a well-versed photographer with an elegant and sensible style. His photography explores his passion of portraiture, and exploration of self, inspired by the natural beauty of the subject.

NUIT ROSE: Silence Of The Femmes by Rubin Llanillos

Silence Of The Femmes is a trans QPOC compilation of traditional femme aesthetic and twisted DIY trash art. Using almost entirely recycled materials, Silence Of The Femmes cleanses clothes stained with makeup and hand sews them into various quilts. Quilts are framed in glossy hot pink vintage frames with femme tools like razor blades, mascara and lipstick wands, shaved Barbie heads, condoms, and cigarette butts.

Ruben Llanillos is a trans femme QPOC artist. Their work embodies ‘traditional’ femme aesthetic with a twisted and absurd lens and analyzes homonormative ‘inclusive’ spaces and strives to dismantle racism in the LGBTTQ* community. They have a background in zine culture and their principle zine is titled GRRRLFAG DRAMAZINE!!!!

NUIT ROSE: Other by Sonny Bean

I want to engage the audience in questions around different bodies and varying experiences of perception both internally and from the outside. This project plays with the invisibility of things, what we see and don’t see, or perhaps what we show/ don’t show and the discomfort of that. This piece also is an exploration around mental health along with what we define as beautiful or ugly or both.

Trans artist Sonny Bean’s art explores the varying experiences that come with moving through different countries, cultures and bodies. Their work explores the stories we hold in our bodies, the stories we are told and not told, and the ones we take on as our own, deconstructing gender, mental health and identity, along with the multiple layers that come with that.


FIERCE focuses on the struggle to find courage to continue. The artist’s strategy in this work is to visualize not the pain, but the inspiration to fight it. When creating these images, Lloyd moves them through the halves of her brain much like the blood moves through the heart.

Sue Lloyd is a Toronto-based artist working with lens-based and hand-made images, using elements that are her own as well as other people’s. She is interested in visual imagery as text, icon and vocabulary. She recombines pictorial elements to make sentences and to communicate thoughts. Lloyd is fascinated by how pictures are simultaneously silent and deeply articulate.