Organization 101: How right-brainers can stay on top of their admin

Presented by Lisa Kelly, Admin Guru | Many artists and right brained business owners struggle with staying organized, doing the books, marketing and doing admin tasks as they go. Once overwhelm sets in, it becomes a slippery slope where years can pass without doing taxes, or missed sales opportunities arise because relationships with potential and past customers are not maintained.

This 3-hour intro workshop offers direction for improving admin tasks, streamlining systems and automating key areas to help avoid overwhelm in a creative business. Gain skills for simplifying workflows and learn ways to integrate the different components of your business within each other using technology. Admin doesn’t have to be a disorganized, messy, scary thing!  We’ll discuss useful tips and tricks for:

  • Bookkeeping and taxes
  • Calendars and apps for productivity
  • Project Managers
  • CRMs (Customer Relationship Managers)
  • Email management
  • Online marketing
  • Simple e-commerce


Information About Instructor:

Lisa Kelly is an Administrative Consultant and the founder of Admin Guru. Highly organized, detail-oriented and a problem solver with a prior career (20+ years) in technical/customer support and graphic design — Lisa can guide you with your admin so that you can focus on what you got into entrepreneurship for in the first place: doing your thing. And doing it well while having fun once again!

This workshop is part of the Business Skills for Growth workshop series, an Artscape Launchpad initiative, which offers opportunities to develop creative entrepreneurship and business skills for the creative and cultural sector. Find out more about Artscape Launchpad and other workshops in the Business Skills for Growth series on the Artscape website.