Mini Crit with Guest Artist Lee Henderson

You will receive honest feedback and encouragement from two established artists. Between the three of us, we will explore ways to further the work so that it is more compelling and engaging. Choose between a 30, 45 or 60 minute critique with myself and a guest artist.

This month, my guest is Lee Henderson, a contemporary artist whose practice includes video, photography, installation, sculpture, performance, and text. Find out more about his work here:

Saturday November 18 from 11am-1pm in Studio 316- Mentor Lyla Rae.

Self-Confidence for Artists
This is a three-hour skills-building workshop for aspiring creative entrepreneurs and/or freelancers, small to large creative business owners.
As creatives need to become their own sales and marketing team, spokesperson, customer support and CEO, our confidence affects our ability to chase opportunities, compete, get noticed, and heard, stick through difficult times, and sign the deal – all on our own terms. It is crucial that all artists consider the mastery of this skill – particularly if they sense that lack of confidence is interfering with the achievement of their goals.
Confidence – a fundamental and unshakable belief in one’s abilities and worth – is central to success in any human endeavour.
In the midst of terrifying self-doubt, fear of rejection, and fickle, faceless consumers, the hardest skill to master is the only one that matters.