Cultivate Confluence – A gathering for women-identified and non-binary

Cultivate is a day to shed some emotional layers for the new season, Spring. A scheduled day of astrology, meditation, women’s health…

Come spend the day learning from amazing healers in the city. This event runs through the day with 4 classes at each hour.

Some examples of classes are menstrual and vaginal health(by an ND), intimacy, astrology, spirit connections, aromatherapy, natural contraceptions, intimacy, acushiatsu, feeling safe, meditations and more.

Check out our site page for a schedule and teacher bios

This event has been put together because times are increasingly leaning towards the feminine and we are all looking to find our place in it. How can we move through our emotional pains? Where can we find support in doing so? This event allows you to find a community that has its arms opened wide and ready to hold you. As strangers we come together and heal as one. We are not different, we are the same.

Canadian Theatre Educators’ Conference

The Canadian Theatre Educators’ Conference is a meeting place for those who practice the rigorous art of training actors and theatre-makers. It is an opportunity for us to learn from one another, and become better teachers for our students.

Our unique theatre ecology demands a unique theatre education practice. While theatre education conferences exist in the US and internationally, this is the first opportunity for theatre educators in Canada to meet and talk specifically about our craft.

The conference will be taking place on July 28th and 29th at Artscape Youngplace in Toronto. For more information, or to register, please visit