Lunch & Learn 01: Starting & Running an Independent Music Business

CIMA & WorkInCulture presents…
Lunch & Learn 01: Starting & Running an Independent Music Business

Looking to start your own indie music business? Unsure where to begin and how to navigate the business world? Join our group of successful panelists as they discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the ever-changing music industry, as well as key advice on what it takes to follow in their footsteps. From music management, indie labels, and professional musicians, we’ll cover all perspectives in this casual info session.

This panel is part of a wider workshop series of Lunch & Learns, where six key topics will be discussed over monthly sessions. Keep an eye out for more info on the upcoming events.

Bonus – lunch is included!

Diane Davy – Executive Director, WorkInCulture (Moderator)
Beverly Moore – Managing Director, More Music Management
Lara Solnicki – Vocalist, Poet, Composer
Tim Potocic – Co-Owner, Sonic Unyon Records

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Alchemica Launch Party

Growing up in South America we were surrounded by unique traditions, colors, food and people; features that not only followed us to every city we had the pleasure to visit or live, but also influenced in the women we are today.

For reasons of the universe we crossed paths in Toronto,Canada and inspired by our countries and culture we decided to combine our ideas and skills to bring to Toronto a new concept of fashion. Alchemica was created in 2017, out of a common passion for high quality products, distinct designs and a strong social, economic and environmental engagement. Our brand is a reflection of traditional crafts from our homelands with a modern touch for the diverse women of today.

Alchemica is a lifestyle brand that celebrates South American culture. We have pieces created made from us, and exclusive artwork from artisans and designers from our part of the world. Our name comes from the word “Alchemy” a chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold.

We seek to set an example to the current fashion industry and encourage to a more conscious consumption of fashion and lifestyle products. Please come join us for the launch of our brand this Saturday 12th from 1-7pm in Flex Studio 106.

Creating and Selling Workshops

Grow your business through teaching what you love

If you’re creative, you probably think a lot about how to earn more money from your talents. At some point, you’ve probably also thought about teaching others what you know. After all, there is no shortage of examples of people making money from their workshops, right? How, exactly, do they do it?  This workshop is designed for creative people interested in learning how to package their skills and talents into their own marketable workshops. Whether you are aiming to sell your workshop to corporations, schools or the public, you’ll spend the day exploring how to move from idea, through development, to delivery of a workshop that fits into your overall business strategy. Please see the event registration page (via the link below) for a full description of learning objectives.


Information About Instructor:

Allison Hillier is a learning and development consultant, and instructional designer. Allison has been working in training and development for most of her life and makes her living from aligning adult learning to the personal, organizational and/or business goals of her clients. She has a broad range of experience developing workshops, learning events, conferences, courses, programs and curriculum frameworks in diverse community-based, private, not-for-profit and public environments.

This workshop is part of the Business Skills for Growth workshop series, an Artscape Launchpad initiative, which offers opportunities to develop creative entrepreneurship and business skills for the creative and cultural sector. Find out more about Artscape Launchpad and other workshops in the Business Skills for Growth series on the Artscape website.