Ivan Mazuze Quartet presents Ubuntu

Ivan Mazuze is a Norway based composer, award-winning saxophonist, and world jazz artist of Mozambique origin.

Ivan Mazuze has recorded and performed with acclaimed international artists such as: Omar Sosa, Manou Gallo, Linley Marthe, Bugge Wesseltolft, Jacob Young, Per Mathisen, Enzo Favata, Enrico Zanisi, Jonathan Butler, Hermeto Pascoal, Ernest Dawkins, and Steve Wilson, to name a few. With his own group he has recently performed at world stage festivals and venues including Peperoncino Jazz Festival, Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Joy of Jazz Festival, Maputo International Jazz Festival, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Hamilton World Music Festival, Oslo World Music Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Mela Festival, Oslo Kulturnatt, Vossa Jazz Festival, Kampen Jazz, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Cosmopolite Scene, Play Music Festival, International Academy of Music Festival, Grahamstown Jazz Festival, DiVino Jazz Festival, Amapa Jazz Festival, Clube do Choro, Havana International Jazz Festival, Jazztage Gorlitz Festival and more.

In the last seven years, Mazuze has been representing the “world jazz” coming out of Norway at numerous musical events and festivals around the world, in collaboration with Norwegian based cultural institutions such as Arts Council Norway and Music Norway.

The Ivan Mazuze Quartet presents world jazz at its best.

Deeply rooted in African Jazz, his melodic tunes are backed by a powerful rhythm section consisting of electric bass and acoustic piano as pillars, which gives space for improvisations, creating a landscape that moves between Jazz and the African urban soundscape.

In this performance Mazuze will be featuring some of the prominent musicians from Canada and Portugal as an extension of his various collaboration projects.

Ivan Mazuze – saxophones
Jeremy Leadbetter – piano
Rich Brown – bass
Marito Marques – drums

His latest album, “Ubuntu,” is featured in the Compilation album “Jazz from Norway 7th edition.” It affords a good picture of the Norwegian jazz scene today, ranging from mainstream to more modern forms, including what has come to be known as the Nordic sound. The – 7th set shows the variety, versatility and quality of jazz in Norway today.

Artist website:

“Ivan Mazuze personifies generosity of spirit on this album. There is a kind of benevolence and compassion about his work that lifts you, makes you smile and feel good inside. In the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ‘Music is the universal language of mankind.’”- David Fischel – Norway

“Ivan has the confidence of a runner who can go at top speed if necessary but who knows the value of superb phrasing and tone.” Anya Wassenberg, Arts and Culture Maven – Canada

“This is the third album that he has recorded and reveals a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist playing at the top of his game.” Chris Baber, Jazz Views

The Brain Storm

An unstructured studio drop-in where artists can meet, talk, brainstorm, share techniques, materials or ideas they are engaged with.

Saturday November 25 from 11am-1pm in Studio 316- Mentor Lyla Rae.

Mini Crit with Guest Artist Lee Henderson

You will receive honest feedback and encouragement from two established artists. Between the three of us, we will explore ways to further the work so that it is more compelling and engaging. Choose between a 30, 45 or 60 minute critique with myself and a guest artist.

This month, my guest is Lee Henderson, a contemporary artist whose practice includes video, photography, installation, sculpture, performance, and text. Find out more about his work here:

Saturday November 18 from 11am-1pm in Studio 316- Mentor Lyla Rae.

Show Your Stuff

Exhibition application workshop: This workshop covers all aspects of putting together an artist package for a curator or exhibition application. It includes handouts and examples of CVs, Bios, Image Lists and tips on visual support material and websites.

Tuesday November 14 from 6-9pm in Studio 316- Mentor Lyla Rae.

Tom Todoroff Acting Master Class

Calling all Actors, Directors and Performers!

On Thursday November 9th, come experience the incredible work Tom Todoroff does with actors worldwide and at his Conservatory in New York City. Tom Todoroff is a Director / Producer / Acting Coach whose clients include Liam Neeson, Samuel L. Jackson, Sasha Alexander, Tony Goldwyn, Allison Janney, Sienna Miller and many more!

Come see why Liam Neeson says “Tom’s care, sensitivity and insight are second to none” and Samuel L. Jackson says “Todoroff is the best. Look no further…all you need is T.T.”

What’s a Master Class?

The Master Class gives you first hand experience of the way Tom coaches and directs actors. You will observe how this powerful work renders overwhelming and immediate transformations!

In this class, instruction is done by way of demonstration. So attendees may volunteer to perform a 1-2 minute monologue and receive personalized coaching in front of the group!

Attendees are also welcome to observe only, if preferred.

All attendees will learn to transform nervousness into intense excitement, be expressive rather than impressive, strengthen and find their true inner voice, and think like a producer. Walk away with a deeper understanding of the art, the business and the spirituality of acting.

Please note: While this event is targeted to actors seeking in-depth professional training in acting for theater, film and television, we encourage actors, directors and performers of all levels and disciplines to attend this event. The information provided is applicable to all walks of life!

We highly recommend all attendees thoroughly review and prior to attending the class and make a list of questions about any aspect of acting you wish to ask during the Q & A at the end of the class.

WHAT TO BRING? Materials for note-taking!

QUESTIONS? email us at In your email, please include your full name, the date and city name of the class in question.

REGISTER: Follow the link below!

Q&A with Painter and Artscape Award Winner, Katrina Jurjans

Emerging artist Katrina Jurjans wowed us at the 2017 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition with boldly layered paintings. Her work garnered not one but two accolades at the festival, including the Best of Painting and Best of Student Award (which is inclusive of the Artscape Award). Experience Katrina’s work at her upcoming exhibition, “for a moment it all comes together (and you’re the only one).” Opening November 16, 6 PM – 9 PM

Remembering you today, by Katrina Jurjans waiting for you (time is passing) by Katrina Jurjans

We caught up with Katrina to chat with her about her artistic journey and her upcoming exhibition.

Artscape: How has your distinctive visual style developed?

Katrina: I’m fascinated with patterns, especially when they break free from their form, like patterns from a blanket floating off into their own space. This fascination has helped me find visual cohesion between my paintings, and visually symbolize the emotions that drive my work.

Recently, I’ve been focusing on relationships and the emotions that accompany a shared moment, like grief, happiness, love, longing or disconnect. I don’t sketch out my work beforehand, so my processing of the work happens directly on the canvas.

Katrina’s Toronto Studio Space

What/who have been some of key influences?

There are so many! I love the work of Helen Verhoeven; in my opinion she is a master at revealing just enough detail in her figures. I think her compositions are brilliant. David Hockney, Matisse, Peter Doig and Miro are also some of my favourites.

Katrina Jurjans

What have you enjoyed most about winning the Artscape Award?

I was really taken aback when I won the award! It gave me confidence to keep pursuing my work. I struggle with putting my work out into the public and networking, so the Artscape Award has helped me to meet people working in the arts and to start building a social platform. The opportunity to do a solo exhibition and residency is incredible.

friends, lovers, friends (the cycle) by Katrina Jurjans the space between us widens by Katrina Jurjans

Tell us about your upcoming exhibition at Artscape Youngplace

My upcoming exhibition is entitled “for a moment it all comes together (and you’re the only one).” It’s a continuation of the series I have been developing over some years. This exhibition is meant to capture a specific, fleeting moment in time, along with the emotions and feelings attached to that moment. I’ve been working on large canvases and that’s been really exciting.

What can we expect from your work in 2018?

I’ve always loved writing, and want to explore the relationship between writing and painting further.

The Brain Storm

An unstructured studio drop-in where artists can meet, talk, brainstorm, share techniques, materials or ideas they are engaged with.

Presence Workshop- le jeu and clown with John Beale

le jeu and clown with John Beale

September 16th and 17th, 2017
Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm each day
Artscape Youngplace
180 Shaw Street, Toronto, ON


Le jeu and clown – play and the joy of failure!
Discover your inner idiot – sensitive, open, human, ridiculous – and genius! With your pleasure PLAY and ability to FLOP with panache you will engage with a powerful force that connects you on a profound level to the audience, opening a channel between you and them.

This work helps us get unstuck. It teaches us to listen, to re-discover play, not to push too much or shy away but to let go and be attuned to the moment. It’s a rudimentary practice for anyone.

“Finding one’s own Clown, in other words an absolute unique idiotic character, is an important moment in an actor’s life. The Clown’s way of playing is a special one. He is not only using his normal virtuosity as an actor, but he also has a frequently appearing playmate: – flop -. With this training we call him Mister Flop and we treat him with a hell of a lot of respect. Playing with Mister Flop happens after many, many other flops that weren’t at all deliberate. Mr. Flop will say to the Clown: “You are in the shit. Salvage what you can“. The great delight of being on stage, combined with childish pleasure, fun and perhaps a very special yell make us love him and the Clown is off to save the show. If the pleasure in staying on stage is great, then the Clown will be forgiven. He’s allowed to be no good over and over. If the pleasure is not great enough, the clown will look like someone ashamed at being no good. He won’t be loved. With this work people have to find a way of being beautiful and surprising… and by beautiful I mean being in the grip of pleasure or freedom”. – Philippe Gaulier


Actors, dancers, filmmakers, painters, musicians, writers, stand-up comics, poets, teachers, acrobats, lawyers, clowns, doctors, public speakers, life coaches, facilitators, administrators, toy-makers, Gestalt therapists, HR, fine artists, surfers, rocket-scientists, computer programmers, inventors, Feldenkrais practitioners, massage therapists, chefs, event planners, mindfulness practitioners, psychotherapists, social workers, university professors and many others.


John Beale is a teacher and award-winning actor based in Toronto. He is a graduate of the Philippe Gaulier International Theatre School in Paris. He has trained, performed and taught extensively as a company member at the internationally acclaimed Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts. As part of the faculty at Seneca at York University and Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts he teaches acting, scene study, improv and clown. He is a master clown teacher and has been holding publicly offered performance workshops and coaching actors since 2005. More at

Cost: $300 + HST
50% discount for returning students
20% discount for Equity and ACTRA
Pre-registration and payment is required as
space will be limited to 14 people.


Branding for Arts & Cultural Organizations

Creating compelling brand positioning

Branding positioning is an important part of strategic marketing today and is used successfully by the world’s leading marketers. This workshop uses a proprietary positioning process that leverages your creativity and your understanding of your business or organization to articulate distinctive benefits that will help you discover what differentiates your brand in the marketplace.

This  workshop will help you understand what makes your company or organization’s brand unique and how to position it to your best customers and potential customers.

During the six hours, you will:

  • Identify your best target customers/audience
  • Create a unique value proposition or your organization or business that will resonate with your target customers, unlocking growth
  • Develop marketing tactics that will activate your positioning

This Interactive Workshop is designed for artists and arts organizations, not-for-profits and for profits in the creative sector. You are encouraged to bring multiple members of your team.

REGISTER NOW on Eventbrite

Instructor Spotlight: Shelley Black

Shelley Black_profile

Shelley Black is a marketing and communications consultant, and the head of Shelley M Black + Associates. She creates business growth strategies and marketing solutions for multinational clients. Shelley’s passion is to unlock the creative potential of people and organizations so that they can innovate routinely. Shelley is a hands-on, results-driven expert who works with clients seeking to identify, develop and commercialize opportunities with the highest growth potential for their products, brands and categories. This includes finding better ways to delight existing customers with exceptional customer experience and attract new customers.

This workshop is part of the Business Skills for Growth workshop series, an Artscape Launchpad initiative, which offers opportunities to develop creative entrepreneurship and business skills for the creative and cultural sector. Find out more about Artscape Launchpad and other workshops in the Business Skills for Growth series on the Artscape website.


Now Accepting Applications for 2015 Resident Teachers

Artscape is now accepting applications from individuals, organizations, and collectives who are interested in becoming Resident Teachers at Artscape Youngplace, a community cultural hub in the West Queen West neighbourhood. Now in our second year of our Resident Teachers program, we are looking to create new relationships with a select group of instructors and facilitators who offer unique experiences that focus on inspiring creation and learning while creating new connections in our community. Artscape is currently accepting proposals for classes taking place during the 2015 calendar year.

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