What Next?

This is a brand new workshop designed to help you create conditions for success and figure out how to move your work and your career forward. The discussion will be complimented with information about different types of exhibiting contexts and as a group we will brainstorm for short term solutions that guide you towards your long term goals.

Grant My Wishes

This hands on workshop focuses on proposal writing for grants. It involves a mock jury exercise and a handout with resources to take home.

The Brain Storm

An unstructured studio drop-in where artists can meet, talk, brainstorm, share techniques, materials or ideas they are engaged with.

Saturday November 25 from 11am-1pm in Studio 316- Mentor Lyla Rae.

Mini Crit with Guest Artist Lee Henderson

You will receive honest feedback and encouragement from two established artists. Between the three of us, we will explore ways to further the work so that it is more compelling and engaging. Choose between a 30, 45 or 60 minute critique with myself and a guest artist.

This month, my guest is Lee Henderson, a contemporary artist whose practice includes video, photography, installation, sculpture, performance, and text. Find out more about his work here:

Saturday November 18 from 11am-1pm in Studio 316- Mentor Lyla Rae.

Show Your Stuff

Exhibition application workshop: This workshop covers all aspects of putting together an artist package for a curator or exhibition application. It includes handouts and examples of CVs, Bios, Image Lists and tips on visual support material and websites.

Tuesday November 14 from 6-9pm in Studio 316- Mentor Lyla Rae.

Tom Todoroff Acting Master Class

Calling all Actors, Directors and Performers!

On Thursday November 9th, come experience the incredible work Tom Todoroff does with actors worldwide and at his Conservatory in New York City. Tom Todoroff is a Director / Producer / Acting Coach whose clients include Liam Neeson, Samuel L. Jackson, Sasha Alexander, Tony Goldwyn, Allison Janney, Sienna Miller and many more!

Come see why Liam Neeson says “Tom’s care, sensitivity and insight are second to none” and Samuel L. Jackson says “Todoroff is the best. Look no further…all you need is T.T.”

What’s a Master Class?

The Master Class gives you first hand experience of the way Tom coaches and directs actors. You will observe how this powerful work renders overwhelming and immediate transformations!

In this class, instruction is done by way of demonstration. So attendees may volunteer to perform a 1-2 minute monologue and receive personalized coaching in front of the group!

Attendees are also welcome to observe only, if preferred.

All attendees will learn to transform nervousness into intense excitement, be expressive rather than impressive, strengthen and find their true inner voice, and think like a producer. Walk away with a deeper understanding of the art, the business and the spirituality of acting.

Please note: While this event is targeted to actors seeking in-depth professional training in acting for theater, film and television, we encourage actors, directors and performers of all levels and disciplines to attend this event. The information provided is applicable to all walks of life!

We highly recommend all attendees thoroughly review and prior to attending the class and make a list of questions about any aspect of acting you wish to ask during the Q & A at the end of the class.

WHAT TO BRING? Materials for note-taking!

QUESTIONS? email us at In your email, please include your full name, the date and city name of the class in question.

REGISTER: Follow the link below!

Rasha Concert

Rasha is a uniquely gifted Sudanese singer, musician and songwriter who has had a global presence in the international music scene for over 25 years. Rasha emigrated to Spain in 1991 to escape the volatile situation in Sudan, where the new regime after the coup in 1989 was also enforcing strict rules on women’s dress and basic freedoms. Rasha’s musical style is a fascinating amalgamation of Nubian cultural traditions, the rhythms of central Sudan, the tom-tom beats of the African Sahel, echoes and influences of North African, Arabic and Andalusian (flamenco), modern blues, jazz and reggae. A mosaic of sounds that creates music deeply rooted in the culture of Sudan, yet influenced and shaped by many other genres; the result is something very spectacular. This is a unique and one off trio performance following Rasha’s appearance at the Festival du Monde Arabe de Montréal earlier in the week.

Friday November 3 from 8-10pm in Suite 103- Small World Music.

The Brain Storm

An unstructured studio drop-in where artists can meet, talk, brainstorm, share techniques, materials or ideas they are engaged with.

State of The Art – an artist statement workshop

Over 3 meetings, this workshop will guide you from start to finish in writing an artist statement which can be used for applications to exhibitions, residencies, grants or to approach a gallery. We begin with guidelines and examples of artists’ statements. Handouts will break the writing down into manageable components. Between meetings, you will have time to write and then refine your statement. Through hands-on exercises and feedback from a range of people you will enhance your ability to write about your work.

New work from Mexico: Alec Dempster and Teresa Irene Barrera

“Luminosa Música”
Teresa Irene will be showing recent painting inspired by the diversity of traditional mexican music. She is sought after in Mexico by a wide range of musicians from different regions to create posters, album covers, animation and set design. Recently, she was commissioned by Guillermo Velázquez to create art for the annual Festival de Huapango Arribeño.

Alec’s recent series of prints is the fruit of a collaboration with Colombian musician Alejo Garcia. Each of the prints is a reflection on one of Alejo’s compositions from the upcoming album “Americanotl”. Varied themes include migration, Latin American history, relationships and mythology. In November he will join Alejo in Medellín, Colombia for the launch of “Americanotl”. Other work created since moving from Toronto to Mexico City in December 2016 will also be on display.

We hope to see you at Artscape Young Place on Friday, Septermber 8.
Time: 10am to 10pm
7pm – Artist Talk
Location: Room 107