Creative Movement for Children (JK/SK)

One-of-a-kind Creative Movement Classes for Children with dance artist Jessica Runge

Fridays 4:15 – 5 (January 11 to March 8, 2019, $115 for 9 classes)

In a fun, inclusive class led by award-winning professional Canadian dance-artist Jessica Runge, students learn age-appropriate dance games and skills that nurture the artistic voice of each child.

A variety of styles, such as ballet, modern, and more contemporary dance genres, inform the class’ approach to movement training. Opportunities to invent movement round-out the program.

Runge has over twenty years of experience teaching creative movement to children in diverse settings. Since 2013, Runge has been offering her one-of-a-kind creative movement classes at the beautiful studio she shares at Artscape Youngplace.

For more information visit www. or to register email

Inception – Shabnam Afrand – Exhibit

Opening Reception: November 8 from 6- 9pm

“Memory, History, forgetting.”
I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran where I obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree. My practice consists of drawing and painting, sculpture, installation, performance, and metalsmithing. I explore themes of transition and metamorphosis, including life, death, and rebirth in my artwork.
These themes draw attention to the cyclical nature of life and the passing of time. I consider the time to be non-linear and non-quantifiable; we can only feel the results of this abstract phenomenon and through memory and fantasy we can move beyond our present moment.
I often work with found objects that evoke memories for me. An antique chair might remind me of one I saw many years ago in the corner of my Grandmother’s room. After finding a similar object here in Canada, I bring it back to life by transforming it through a process of addition. This often involves adding fragments cast in bronze. I am interested in bronze as an ancient and traditional material. Its gold color has many meanings in my cultures such as magnificence and eternity. These bronze additions bring the found object into the realm of my imagination. In this way, I can explore my memories and my sorrows, extracted from my subconscious, like dreams at night that fade in the morning. As an immigrant woman, identity is one of the main themes in my work. I use memory objects with fanciful extensions to consider how one can integrate bitter memories and warm nostalgia into their sense of self.

Community Day at the (mus)interpreted Exhibit

Join us for an art-filled day, meet new individuals, and take home a piece of art made by you!

You will:
* experience the visual art through an exhibit tour
* engage in a facilitated discussion and Q&A period
* create your own piece in a session led by visual artist Iman Bhatti
* enjoy a light meal and snacks with old and new friends

To sign-up please email us by October 26th at noon (please share any allergies or accessibility requirements in the email).

This event is FREE and is open to ALL Community Members | Spaces are limited | TTC tokens will be provided upon request

MYTORONTO Photography Exhibit

MYTORONTO is a photography contest and calendar project for individuals with lived experience of poverty and homelessness. The initiative is inspired by MyLondon, which was started by a UK-based social enterprise called Café Art, and then expanded to various cities around the world. This is the second year of the MYTORONTO Program presented by Ve’ahavta, a Jewish humanitarian agency serving marginalized individuals, in partnership with various community organizations. Funds for the program were raised by Ve’ahavta through the sponsorship of calendar pages and individual donations, as well as a crowdfunding campaign.

Creative skills workshops were facilitated for people with lived experience of poverty and homelessness at The 519 community centre. On May 10, a camera distribution day was held at The Ryerson School of Image Arts. One hundred and eleven participants were given 35mm single-use cameras, donated by Fujifilm. The participants were invited to capture what #STRENGTH meant to them in the City of Toronto and what inspired them. Ninety-three cameras were returned for processing and approximately 2,600
photographs were printed featuring shots of nature, architecture, Toronto iconography, living spaces, objects, animals, celebrations, street corners and people. The pictures illustrate the strength, beauty and joy that exist alongside the challenges associated with poverty and homelessness.

A jury of eight individuals with backgrounds in professional photography, community services, the arts, social servivces and homeless advocacy selected the 40 exhibit photos on display at Artscape Youngplace 2nd floor gallery. Thirteen of these have been chosen for the 2019 calendar and greeting cards, which will be sold on the streets and various venues by participants of the MYTORONTO Vendor Training program. Half of the vendor sales goes to the participants while the other half funds the program.

For more information visit

Purple Carrots Art Fusion Camp – Poetry

Purple Carrots Art Fusion Camp – Poetry
August 13 – August 17 | 9:00am-4:00pm
Bring fantastical poetry from traditional and modern texts to life with your voice and movement. Work with texts from Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll and Shel Silverstein. Who will you be? A witch, a centaur, the wind, or a dragon? Soundscape and puppetry will be incorporated into our storytelling. Workshop includes: drama, movement, art, yoga, drumming, cooking, circus skills, and relaxation.

PRICE: $580

*Payment Plans available

Register at:

Purple Carrots Art Fusion Camp – The Cat in the Hat: dr. Seuss

Purple Carrots Art Fusion Camp – The Cat in the Hat: dr. Seuss
July 30-August 3 | 9:00am-3:30pm
AGES 6-8
Explore the mischief Sally and Sam get up to when they’re left home alone for a day! Who will you be? Thing One or Thing Two? The Cat, a fish, or a shoe?! Learn about rhyme and let your imagination run free in this fantastical art-fusion camp! “You find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax. All you need is a book.” Workshop includes: drama, movement, art, yoga, drumming, cooking and relaxation.

PRICE: $580

*Payment Plans available

Register at:

Purple Carrots Art Fusion Camp – Under the big top

Purple Carrots Art Fusion Camp – Under the big top
July 23- July 27 | 9:00am-4:00pm
AGES 9-12
Come one, come all! The Big Top circus is in town! Learn simple circus skills from a professional circus artist and create improvised characters with your friends. Whether you want to be an acrobat, a magician or a clown, this is a place where many spectacular stories are waiting to be created. Workshop includes: drama, movement, art, yoga, drumming, cooking, circus skills, and relaxation.

PRICE: $580

*Payment Plans available

Register at:

Purple Carrots Art Fusion Camp – SPACE ADVENTURE

Purple Carrots Art Fusion Camp – SPACE ADVENTURE
July 16-20 | 9:00am-3:30pm
AGES 6-8
3…2…1…Blast Off! Where shall we go? Who shall we meet? Be the astronaut of your own space adventure and take your friends on a fun-filled journey to different planets. Let’s build a spaceship together and learn about real planets, or enjoy creating new ones! What will we find in the never-before-discovered planet of Zopfitz? Workshop includes: drama, movement, art, yoga, drumming, cooking and relaxation.

PRICE: $580

*Payment Plans available

Register at:

Opening Reception – 99


April 10 – 28, 2017 | First, Second and Third Floor Hallway Galleries

Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm

Opening Reception: April 20th, 7-9pm

The artwork produced in the Contemporary Photography program at Etobicoke School of the Arts is dynamic, insightful, courageous, and engaging. Forty-three Grade 12 students have developed their own unique and personal bodies of work exploring a range of themes, including relationships, defining personal space, and re-examining the Garden of Eden. These talented artists use photography in ways that can inspire us all.

Follow them on Instagram @esa_contemporary_photography.

Artists: Ashlyn Abbott, Andrew Alburger, Ben Alexandor, Linda Badgley, Kasia Borkowski, Julia Bradshaw, Jamie Brennan, Gemma Brown, Liam Carley, Ava Cvitkovich, Hannah Da Silva, Dakota Dimson, Grier Drummond, Ruby Evers, Jelena Gajdel, Charlotte Gregg, Emma Guy, Julianna Ham, Mikayla Harrison, Reed Hollett, Sam Holzberg, Catriona Iozzo, Liam Macaloney, Georgia Mackay, Josie Marshall, Max Martin, Michael Mazzei, Eliza McFarlane, Aoife O’Mahony, Krystyna Poremba, Alicia Salvador, Quinn Spurrell, Adrian Stathoukos, Basia Thompson, Gill Thorne, Emma Thomlison, Lianna Turone, Gloria Vytas, Lily Watson, Kennedy Wheller, Jada White, Sean Wilson, Xin Xin

Exhibition: CAREER LAUNCHER 2018


June 26th – July 26th, 2018 | Second Floor Hallway Gallery | Free

Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 – 6:30pm – 9:00pm

The Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers at OCADU is pleased to present a Photography Exhibition of the recipients of the 2018 Artscape Youngplace Career Launcher. Congratulations to those who have been selected!

This exhibition will be held on the 2nd floor of Artscape Youngplace and presents recent work by the artists:

Patrick Corrigan:

Abigail Holt:

Michelle Homonylo:

Qirou Yang:


Centre For Emerging Artists and Designers

OCAD University

100 McCaul Street Toronto, ON M5T 1W1