Nuit Blanche @ Artscape Youngplace

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Join us for Nuit Blanche @ Artscape Youngplace starting this Saturday, October 3 at 7pm until Sunday, October 4 at 7am. Visit over 10 site-specific installations, art experiences and performances through the building from dusk to dawn.

The Coffeepub will also be open all night for a much-needed caffeine infusion!

Projects include:

7 ± 2
Studio 108, Interactive Installation
In music, a fugue is a contrapuntal compositional technique in two or more voices. Independent melodic lines recur at different pitches and tempos.



Bryan Belanger
Make Your Bed
Front Lawn, Installation
We have heard the expression “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.” As far as we know we didn’t ask to be born yet we’re forced to make our bed repeatedly, figuring out how to learn from our mistakes in order to survive. Yet we all know that one day we’re going have to lie in it, our final resting place, a bed of soil, so that our energy can be recycled into new life.

Make Your Bed

Johnny Hockin + Thomas Cade
Studio 109, Sound Installation
There’s an entryway of black curtains. Inside, it’s too dark to be seen, but the walls are covered in sound machines of various shapes and sizes, creating a wash of only one of the senses—exclusively sound.



Juliana Neufeld
Creatures of Memory
First Floor lounge, Sculpture
At our core, we are all strange and compelling creatures of memory, imprinted by a complex set of emotional narratives that shape how we see the world.



MadeByMan Studio
Memory Cube
Artscape Driveway, New Media Installation
“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.” ― Susan Sontag We upload over 1.8 BILLION images to the Internet every single day. That’s more than one picture per day for every four people on earth. We share our inspirations, our joy, our victories and our tragedies.

memory cube


Project Creative Users
Studio 107, Installation
CRIP INTERIORS is a series of cubical enclosures that each represents hidden, interior experiences of disability, madness, chronic illness and the corporeal and spiritual.



The Templeton Philharmonic
Gwynne Phillips + Briana Templeton
Studio 106, Installation
A dissection of one woman’s memories using scent, texture, and found objects. The status of mundane possessions can be elevated when associated with memories and narrative.



University of Waterloo School of Architecture
Yuchen Zhang + Alexander Gontarz
First Floor Lounge, Interactive Installation
The objective of RE/COLLECTION is to create a framework where people can reflect on the memories that shape them and the collective through interaction with the artwork.



Expect Theatre
To The Kid That I Was
Performed by Expect Theatre’s emerging inter-arts ensemble. Part of Beats + Intentions for Nuit Blanche.
16 Performers. 5 Shows. 8pm 9pm 10pm 11pm 12am.



Emily DiCarlo
Between You and Me
Hallway Galleries, third floor exhibition
In this globally collaborative exhibition organized by artist-curator Emily DiCarlo, a shared moment in time acts as a catalyst for connection and intimacy, despite physical and temporal distances.

Between You and Me_IMG


Joy Broadbent
Hallway Galleries, second floor exhibition
This collection of paintings is an exploration of still-life and figures. It pairs flat, soothing colours with luminescent highlights, creating erased, sculptural forms. The paintings are layered with paint in order to both uncover and shelter objects and images.

Joy Broadbent_Tara Bartolini Exh.