Luminato at Artscape Youngplace!

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The eighth annual Luminato Festival is officially upon us!

Luminato is one of Toronto’s biggest and brightest summer festivals, and is also one of the many organizations that call Artscape Youngplace home. Taking place every year, Luminato harnesses the vibrant creativity and diversity that runs through Toronto and within individuals, and produces an extravagant 10-day festival celebrating music, theater, dance, visual arts, literature, film, and education. What sets the Luminato Festival apart from the many other summer festivals held in Toronto each year is their promotion of artistic growth and development on all levels.

“Embedded into the core of the Festival, we offer outreach projects and programs that connect and engage our artists with the local Toronto community beyond the annual ten-day Festival, creating multiple entry points for artistic collaboration, community participation and youth engagement through intensive workshops, artist-in-the-school visits, rehearsals and training sessions.” – Jessica Dargo Caplan, Director of Education and Outreach


Luminato has seen great growth as a festival over the past seven years. Through their education and outreach initiatives, they work with partner communities year-round and for multiple years, developing long-term relationships which ensure meaningful engagement through participatory experiences.

Artscape Youngplace is proud to be hosting a number of Luminato events throughout the duration of the ten-day festival:


EVENT_HSH-2 Photo Nicole Bazuin, Mammalian Diving Reflex


High School Health

High School Health is an educational video investigation into the love and sex lives of well-known Canadians, led by Mammalian Diving Reflex’s youth collective, The Torontonians. “During the filming process, the participating teens spent about an hour interviewing each of the adult participants, starting with a basic survey of the adult’s romantic-sex lives.  From there, the conversations develop organically, driven by the young people’s curiosity. “It was amazing to see how incredibly respectful and generous the adults were, sharing their stories, honesty and insights, all clearly captured and shared in the High School Health videos which form the installation”.

High School Health is a partner project with All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: The International Edition, also a Mammalian Diving Reflex production.  The video exhibition brings a group of seven people 65 years and over from seven different countries, and allows them to share stories about their love lives and sexual histories. “In our youth obsessed culture, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase the openness and insight of older people”.



Unseen: A Literary Outreach Exhibition

In the weeks preceding the Luminato Festival, local authors and artists led elementary school students from Nelson Mandela Park Public School and Rose Avenue Public School through a multidisciplinary exploration of Toronto, the Unseen. These students have created a series of hand-printed postcards, some which will be given to Festivalgoers as invitation cards to “A Literary Picnic” on June 15th in Trinity Bellwoods Park.  Others will be exhibited within our very own Hallway Galleries at Artscape Youngplace!


photo credit Taku Kumabe   photo credit Ashans Khadka & Patrick

Youth Volunteer Photography Exhibition

Luminato’s very own Youth Volunteer Photographers will be exhibiting their photography here at Artscape Youngplace in our Hallway Galleries. “This program provides young people with the opportunity to assist in chronicling the Luminato Festival, expressing their own Festival experiences through the arts of pinhole and digital photography”.  Luminato’s “Festographer”, Taku Kumabe provided guidance and mentorship to the Youth Volunteer Photographers, and taught them how to take photos more naturally within the busy Festival environment. Volunteer Photographers went on a guided walk in the Artscape Youngplace neighborhood, where they were encouraged to get creative with their photos and experiment. This year, in addition to documenting their Luminato Festival experiences through the art of digital photography, Luminato’s Youth Volunteer Photographers also worked with Cher MacNeil, a Toronto-based artist who specializes in pinhole photography. After a brief introduction to the art and history of pinhole photography, students made their own pinhole cameras out of cardboard boxes, then experimented with this low-tech method of capturing light and image.


Luminato transforms Toronto over the duration of the ten-day long festival, and awaken the creativity in each of us.

“I hope that everyone will have felt welcome to participate in the incredible diversity of programming, and that festival-goers are inspired by the spirit of creativity that runs through the Festival, and so stay connected to Toronto’s vibrant arts community throughout the year”.


The Luminato Festival runs from June 6th until June 15th. For more information on the Luminato Festival, visit their website at

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