Class of 2013

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Just before the Artscape Youngplace public opening, we all got together for a fun photo shoot to commemorate the inauguration of the building and capture the artists and organizations about to make AYP their new professional home. The photo doesn’t contain every single person who will be part of the community of the building, but a good number of representatives of the “Class of 2013.”

Taken on the steps up to the mezzanine at 180 Shaw Street by Jo-Anne McArthur of Garrison McArthur Photographers, this photo includes the following people. 

Front row:

Flora Shum (Paperhouse Studio); Elyssa Lefurgey-Smith (Bellwoods Academy of Music); Miriam Grenville; Charissa Tosio (Small World Music Society); Heather Nicol; Andrea Nemtin (Inspirit Foundation)

Second row:

JL Watson (Centre for Indigenous Theatre); Shani Parsons (TYPOLOGY Projects); Midi Onodera; Sara Porter and Jessica Runge (Intergalactic Arts Collective); Erin Cluley (Youngplace Coffee Pub)

Third row:

Barbara Astman; Mona Filip (Koffler Centre of the Arts); Vid Ingelevics; Angela Ottolino and Emilia Rodrigues (College Montrose Children’s Place); Nick Cluley (Youngplace Coffee Pub); Naomi Campbell (Luminato)

Fourth row:

Ron Moreau (Inspirit Foundation); Tony Hewer (Koffler Centre of the Arts); Martha Haldenby and Marcia McNabb (Luminato); Alan Bonner

Fifth row:

Natasha Mytnowych and Ginger Scott (Artscape Youngplace); Rudy Ruttimann and Phyllis Novak (SKETCH); Kayla McGee (Small World Music Society); Jessica Dargo Caplan and Joseph Mitchell (Luminato)

Sixth row:

Rose Gutierrez (SKETCH); Shabnam K. Ghazi; Mary Ann Farrell; Jorn Weisbrodt and Bradley Lepp (Luminato)