Holiday Market Weekend

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Join in this weekend, December 7-10, for a 4 days of holiday markets & festive treats. Admission to all events is free.

Thursday December 7:

SKETCH Open Studio Marketplace in SKETCH Creative Hub, Lower Level, 6-9pm

Friday December 8:

Woodlawn Pottery Studio Holiday Sale in Studio 107, 5-9pm

Gifts for the Soul Holiday Show in Flex 108 from 6-9pm


Saturday December 9: 

Woodlawn Pottery Studio Holiday Sale in Studio 107, 10am-5pm

Gifts for the Soul Holiday Show in Flex 108 from 10am-4pm


Sunday December 10:

Woodlawn Pottery Studio Holiday Sale in Studio 107, 10am-5pm

Gifts for the Soul Holiday Show in Flex 108 from 10am-4pm

Lucky Penny Marketplace in the TwoPenny cafe, 10am-5pm

Koffler Couture Public Sale in the Koffler Gallery, 11am-5pm




Nuit Blanche 2017

September 30 @ 7:00 pm – October 1 @ 7:00 am

Visit site-specific installations and art experiences through the building from dusk to dawn.

The TwoPenny Cafe will also be open till 2am for a much-needed caffeine infusion!

Projects include:

Tamo Vamo
Tamo Vamo
The Space In Between
The Space In Between
Invisible Tattoos
Invisible Tattoos
Rendering of Layered Cities
Rendering of Layered Cities

Sean Cartwright & Kristina Boka
Tamo Vamo, 2017
Flex Studio 109
This piece recounts the true story of a young woman who left her childhood home in Sarajevo in 1992. Past experiences that are relevant in today’s world are explored: the plight of refugees that are desperate to migrate to a safe haven, their adaptation to a new way of life in a unfamiliar place, and their eventual choice between staying in Canada or moving back to their former war-torn home to begin again. Her story is told though an abstract visual projection in combination with audio recordings, in a mix of languages. The video is a non-linear, erratic, dream-like narrative that will further echo the confusion and tension of her experience.

Simin Keramati
The Space In Between All The Physical Objects, 2015
Flex Studio 106
This work is about the causes of migration, when people must flee their homes due to war and hunger, and about the experience of being in a transitional, displaced state. People are seen floating in the air in the middle of nowhere. Their movements are in slow motion. The film is shown in three frames. Viewers see a symmetry of floating people on the two bracketing frames. In the middle frame, a woman is seen lying on the floor on top of a pile of photos and newspapers featuring images of people fleeing war and hunger. The audio track features sounds of waves hitting the beach (with an implied connection to the drowned bodies in the newspaper images). Subtitles (English and Persian) narrate an ancient text by the Iranian philosopher Suhrevardi about a bird in search of Eden.

Zahra Saleki
Invisible Tattoos, 2016
Flex Studio 108
Invisible Tattoos begins with a powerful image: 150 sets of eyes, belonging to Canadians, First Nations, and newcomers, stare back at you as you enter the room. A large text projection overlaps, depicting a combination of personal stories and historical facts relating to Canada. Your silhouette interacts as you move throughout the installation, symbolizing how the people we see every day carry with them specific stories and histories.

Anne Hanrahan
Rendering of Layered Cities Installation, 2017
Flex Studio 107
What happens when different views of urban development are brought to Canada? This installation investigates city transformation in Canada and countries that Canadians have originated from by layering images of both settings to suggest new forms of urban experiences. Based on diverse cultural design practices that citizens bring to their city, the projections stand in a maze-like structure where they change with the audience’s movement through the space. Exploring the themes of phenomenology and sense of place, the user will self-create a unique visual experience producing an immersive involvement with the content.

Jessica Runge & Arthur Cormack, with choreography by Peter Chin
Collide-O-Scope, 2017
Studio 103 (Intergalactic Arts Collective)
Resident Dance Artist Jessica Runge and her partner Arthur Cormack will be on-site to present Collide-O-Scope, a family-friendly interactive new-media and dance presentation. The Collide-O-Scope is a virtual puzzle that invites viewers to consider, interact with, and connect with each other through the topography of the virtual space it creates. Themed craft activities available for children with supervision by care-givers.

Nuit Rose 2016 @ Artscape Youngplace

On Saturday June 25th Nuit Rose welcomed one and all into various venues across Toronto for a night of queer art, performances and exhibitions!

13512211_921686131275865_3201564079567426963_n  13122937_1035271869900157_2468117272881535294_o

Nuit Rose is a free annual festival of queer-focused art and performance that takes place during Toronto Pride. This year, it took over 10+ venues in both the East and West ends of Toronto including Artscape Youngplace.

From 7-11pm on June 25th, Artscape Youngplace was flooded with individuals from all ages and backgrounds participating in the LGBTQ celebration who came to check out the three floors of art that our building was housing. This year’s third annual Nuit Rose saw a spectacular turnout, with staff having to turn visitors away as the building shut down at 11pm and the party continued in other cultural hubs of the city.

A word from Nuit Rose 2016 Staff:

“Thank you to all of the amazing artists who animated and activated the spaces with their powerful and engaging work. Thank you to everyone who came out and took part. Thank you to our venues, who provided the space and support for the festival to take place. Thank you to our volunteers, who helped make everything run smoothly. And thank you to our sponsors, without whom this would not have been possible.” – Nuit Rose Facebook Page

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!


IMG_9276.JPG 13533277_1070059713088039_534680069841901804_n

Left: Shawn Skeir “Queering Language”

Right: Joey (designer of the Nuit Rose Light Parade), John, (Nuit Rose co-founder) and Chris (volunteer).

Photos courtesy of Nuit Rose Facebook Page

13516586_1070067013087309_4064454507272561491_n  13537760_1070068883087122_4133202000698612667_n

Left: Dare to have a real conversation? Analog Pride Pavilion was among the many talented artists in the building for the night. Even Tapper and Scott Sorli put on an experiential installation encouraging social space unmediated by mobile technology while assistant participants in the art of conversation.

Right: Jordan Clayton creates abstractions informed by the science & cultural impact of Truvada.

Photos courtesy of Nuit Rose Facebook Page

13521899_1070070206420323_1539010942093079892_n  IMG_9131

Left: “Night Time Ramblings” by Sarah Hunter.

Right: Simone Harris (Kingston, Jamaica).

Photos courtesy of Nuit Rose Facebook Page


Join us for RECESS – A Community Open House!

Join us for RECESS @ Artscape Youngplace
A Community Open House featuring
Art * Live Music * Creation * Conversation * Performance * Arts Market * Food & Drinks

Starting at 4:30 pm
– Drop-in, hands-on kids and family-friendly programming (until 6:30 pm)
– Informal tours of ULTRA-PARALLEL at the Koffler Gallery (until 10 pm)
– Arts market (until 9:30 pm)

Starting at 6:00 pm
– Community dinner (pay-what-you-can, until 7:30 pm)
– Exhibition Reception: TYPOLOGY’S Flights & Landings a two-part exhibition of work by three multidisciplinary artists from three different cities: Brooklyn-based Tamara Gayer, Berlin-based Christine Gedeon, and Toronto-based Janine Miedzik (until 8 pm)
– SKETCH Working Arts for our Open Studio Showcase and Exhibition with live performances and artwork by youth involved in all of SKETCH’s programs (until 9 pm)
– Artists open studios
– Live melodic techno music with Juno-award nominee, Arthur Oskan (until 10 pm)

Starting at 8:00 pm
– The Koffler Centre presents an artist talk with playwright Hannah Moscovitch and artist/architect, Philip Beesley
– Intergalactic Arts Collective presents a Double Bill of Dance: “Sara does a solo” by Sara Porter and “Experiment b” by Gerry Trentham.


~illustration by Alicia Nauta

Celebrate the Holiday Season at Artscape Youngplace!

It’s that time of the year again, folks! Holiday season is upon us and Artscape Youngplace is getting into the spirit. In celebration of this convivial snow-filled season, we will be playing host to a series of markets and workshops to help get you ready for the holidays!
Read on for details of the festive events you can expect discover here at 180 Shaw in the coming weeks!

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