Holiday Market Weekend

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Join in this weekend, December 7-10, for a 4 days of holiday markets & festive treats. Admission to all events is free.

Thursday December 7:

SKETCH Open Studio Marketplace in SKETCH Creative Hub, Lower Level, 6-9pm

Friday December 8:

Woodlawn Pottery Studio Holiday Sale in Studio 107, 5-9pm

Gifts for the Soul Holiday Show in Flex 108 from 6-9pm


Saturday December 9: 

Woodlawn Pottery Studio Holiday Sale in Studio 107, 10am-5pm

Gifts for the Soul Holiday Show in Flex 108 from 10am-4pm


Sunday December 10:

Woodlawn Pottery Studio Holiday Sale in Studio 107, 10am-5pm

Gifts for the Soul Holiday Show in Flex 108 from 10am-4pm

Lucky Penny Marketplace in the TwoPenny cafe, 10am-5pm

Koffler Couture Public Sale in the Koffler Gallery, 11am-5pm




Q&A with Painter and Artscape Award Winner, Katrina Jurjans

Emerging artist Katrina Jurjans wowed us at the 2017 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition with boldly layered paintings. Her work garnered not one but two accolades at the festival, including the Best of Painting and Best of Student Award (which is inclusive of the Artscape Award). Experience Katrina’s work at her upcoming exhibition, “for a moment it all comes together (and you’re the only one).” Opening November 16, 6 PM – 9 PM

Remembering you today, by Katrina Jurjans waiting for you (time is passing) by Katrina Jurjans

We caught up with Katrina to chat with her about her artistic journey and her upcoming exhibition.

Artscape: How has your distinctive visual style developed?

Katrina: I’m fascinated with patterns, especially when they break free from their form, like patterns from a blanket floating off into their own space. This fascination has helped me find visual cohesion between my paintings, and visually symbolize the emotions that drive my work.

Recently, I’ve been focusing on relationships and the emotions that accompany a shared moment, like grief, happiness, love, longing or disconnect. I don’t sketch out my work beforehand, so my processing of the work happens directly on the canvas.

Katrina’s Toronto Studio Space

What/who have been some of key influences?

There are so many! I love the work of Helen Verhoeven; in my opinion she is a master at revealing just enough detail in her figures. I think her compositions are brilliant. David Hockney, Matisse, Peter Doig and Miro are also some of my favourites.

Katrina Jurjans

What have you enjoyed most about winning the Artscape Award?

I was really taken aback when I won the award! It gave me confidence to keep pursuing my work. I struggle with putting my work out into the public and networking, so the Artscape Award has helped me to meet people working in the arts and to start building a social platform. The opportunity to do a solo exhibition and residency is incredible.

friends, lovers, friends (the cycle) by Katrina Jurjans the space between us widens by Katrina Jurjans

Tell us about your upcoming exhibition at Artscape Youngplace

My upcoming exhibition is entitled “for a moment it all comes together (and you’re the only one).” It’s a continuation of the series I have been developing over some years. This exhibition is meant to capture a specific, fleeting moment in time, along with the emotions and feelings attached to that moment. I’ve been working on large canvases and that’s been really exciting.

What can we expect from your work in 2018?

I’ve always loved writing, and want to explore the relationship between writing and painting further.

Nuit Blanche 2017

September 30 @ 7:00 pm – October 1 @ 7:00 am

Visit site-specific installations and art experiences through the building from dusk to dawn.

The TwoPenny Cafe will also be open till 2am for a much-needed caffeine infusion!

Projects include:

Tamo Vamo
Tamo Vamo
The Space In Between
The Space In Between
Invisible Tattoos
Invisible Tattoos
Rendering of Layered Cities
Rendering of Layered Cities

Sean Cartwright & Kristina Boka
Tamo Vamo, 2017
Flex Studio 109
This piece recounts the true story of a young woman who left her childhood home in Sarajevo in 1992. Past experiences that are relevant in today’s world are explored: the plight of refugees that are desperate to migrate to a safe haven, their adaptation to a new way of life in a unfamiliar place, and their eventual choice between staying in Canada or moving back to their former war-torn home to begin again. Her story is told though an abstract visual projection in combination with audio recordings, in a mix of languages. The video is a non-linear, erratic, dream-like narrative that will further echo the confusion and tension of her experience.

Simin Keramati
The Space In Between All The Physical Objects, 2015
Flex Studio 106
This work is about the causes of migration, when people must flee their homes due to war and hunger, and about the experience of being in a transitional, displaced state. People are seen floating in the air in the middle of nowhere. Their movements are in slow motion. The film is shown in three frames. Viewers see a symmetry of floating people on the two bracketing frames. In the middle frame, a woman is seen lying on the floor on top of a pile of photos and newspapers featuring images of people fleeing war and hunger. The audio track features sounds of waves hitting the beach (with an implied connection to the drowned bodies in the newspaper images). Subtitles (English and Persian) narrate an ancient text by the Iranian philosopher Suhrevardi about a bird in search of Eden.

Zahra Saleki
Invisible Tattoos, 2016
Flex Studio 108
Invisible Tattoos begins with a powerful image: 150 sets of eyes, belonging to Canadians, First Nations, and newcomers, stare back at you as you enter the room. A large text projection overlaps, depicting a combination of personal stories and historical facts relating to Canada. Your silhouette interacts as you move throughout the installation, symbolizing how the people we see every day carry with them specific stories and histories.

Anne Hanrahan
Rendering of Layered Cities Installation, 2017
Flex Studio 107
What happens when different views of urban development are brought to Canada? This installation investigates city transformation in Canada and countries that Canadians have originated from by layering images of both settings to suggest new forms of urban experiences. Based on diverse cultural design practices that citizens bring to their city, the projections stand in a maze-like structure where they change with the audience’s movement through the space. Exploring the themes of phenomenology and sense of place, the user will self-create a unique visual experience producing an immersive involvement with the content.

Jessica Runge & Arthur Cormack, with choreography by Peter Chin
Collide-O-Scope, 2017
Studio 103 (Intergalactic Arts Collective)
Resident Dance Artist Jessica Runge and her partner Arthur Cormack will be on-site to present Collide-O-Scope, a family-friendly interactive new-media and dance presentation. The Collide-O-Scope is a virtual puzzle that invites viewers to consider, interact with, and connect with each other through the topography of the virtual space it creates. Themed craft activities available for children with supervision by care-givers.

Unveiling our new exterior space

September 19, 2017

After three months of construction, we are thrilled to reveal our new exterior space! This morning we celebrated with our tenants, the Artscape Youngplace condo board and community members at the official reveal event for this functional, fresh and environmentally friendly exterior.

Image: The new exterior space.

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Coffee & Conversation with MATTHEW SCHOFIELD

Coffee & Conversation is pleased to share this interview with visual artist Matthew Schofield. Matthew has an impressive resume; he has exhibited in Paris, Brussels, Florence, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Brooklyn, Chicago, Miami, Provincetown and Toronto. It was sincerely a treat to interview Matthew in his private studio space and talk about his artistic roots, current projects and continuous growth as an artist.

Coffee and Conversations aerial shot of an americano

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Coffee & Conversation with SALVADOR ALANIS and XIMENA BERECOCHEA

Grab your favourite caffeinated beverage and read our latest Coffee & Conversation interview with Institute for Creative Exchange (ICE) founders Salvador Alanis and Ximena Berecochea. This power couple facilitates workshops designed to promote artistic collaboration with a focus on creative processes. I got to chat with the lovely duo about the workshops, the importance of collaboration, and I even learned a few fun facts about the pair!  Continue reading

SummerWorks at Artscape Youngplace

Beat the summertime heat and stay cool indoors with SummerWorks!

Join us for the SummerWorks 2017 Festival at Artscape Youngplace and see two shows happening in Flex Studios 107 & 109. TwoPenny café will also be open for a much-needed caffeine infusion and snacks!


SummerWorks Performance Schedule:

The Smile Off Your Face

Originally Created by Ontroerend Goed; Directed by Brian Postalian


Photo by Brian Postalian


Blindfolded and sitting in a moving chair, one audience member at a time is guided through this immersive performance. The Smile Off Your Face invites you into a sensory experience, moving through a room of imaginative wonder. Surrounded by eight performers, embark on a one-of-a-kind journey that’s all about you.


Where: Flex Studio 107

Show Times: August 3rd – 13th | Run-time on the quarter/half/ and hour for 30 minutes

Tickets: $15, $25 or $35 and can be purchased online



Created by Aria Evans and Jesse Wabegijig


Photo by Aria Evans


You are invited to enter an immersive environment of video, sound, design, and movement – a maze full of twists and turns, with surprise performances and interactive movement vignettes hiding just around the corner. Travelling in groups of six, you will wander through a world inspired by the four elements and our environmental footprint on the earth. There will be free gallery viewings of the installation at 2:00 pm on August 5 and 6.


Where: Flex Studio 109

Show Times: August 4th – 6th | Run-time on the quarter/half/ and hour for 30 minutes

Tickets: $15, $25 or $35 and can be purchased online

FRINGE at Artscape Youngplace

The Toronto Fringe Festival runs from July 5 to16 with live performances happening across the city.  Escape the summer heat and catch a show (or four) at Artscape Youngplace. Here is the list of Fringe shows we have going on:


White Wedding by Taylor Marie Graham


Lisa and her brilliantly analytical mind are having trouble understanding why we spend so much time celebrating painful emotions like love. Will attending her childhood best friend’s wedding at her old high school help clear things up? Maybe she should just hide upstairs.

White Wedding is a new site specific play written and directed by Taylor Marie Graham premiering at the 2017 Toronto Fringe. This bizarre comedy explores those inevitable life questions that come up after all the anticipation of a wedding is over. Who are we really? And what is the point of it all?


This is Not She by Julia Haist


It’s the first day of the new semester, and the grade eleven Shakespeare unit! Take your seat, open your books, and if something seems a little off about Mrs. Lee-Humbert, it’s not just you.

This is Not She is an interactive solo show written and performed by Julia Haist that explores the relationship between teacher and student, taking dark and unexpected turns along the way. Audience members can expect to read from one of Shakespeare’s more obscure plays, Troilus and Cressida, share their own thoughts on love and war, and get to know their teacher far more intimately than anyone anticipated, including the teacher herself.


Rise/Fall by Jake Fulton


Society has been separated by a wall. Witness the story of a revolution? But only from one side. Set in a not so distant Toronto, this is a dystopian story where a wall runs down the middle of the city and the wealthy leaders have banished anyone of minority to live on the other side. The audience will be split in two, and only watch from one side of the wall; they will only catch half of the story. This creation process has doubled as an experiment in theatrical techniques. Our cast members are in the same situation as our audience will be. Until the cast party after The Fringe, our actors will have no idea what happens on the opposite side of the wall. The reality of the fear and paranoia is magnified when the actors don’t even know if their loved ones are safe, or if their friends are really on their side.

Written and Directed by Jake Fulton (XXXposed – Broadway World Audience choice nominee, The Larami Project– Orlando Fundraiser), and starring a group of students, recent grads, and seasoned professionals, this is the perfect opportunity to see what a diverse and compelling community the Toronto theatre is.

What would happen if all of Trump’s promises came true? The world – and the audience – will be divided?


The Food Project by Theatre By Committee


“Where does my food come from?” “How is it grown?” “What is the cost to the environment?” The Food Project encourages Canadians to question the cultural, environmental, and economic impact of our own food system. Join us as we cook, prepare, and investigate the complicated journey from the field to your mouth. Featuring an original script created by the company, songs, and maybe even a puppet or two, don’t miss Theatre by Committee at the Fringe!


Tickets: Day-of tickets will be on sale in the front entrance of Artscape Youngplace, 1 hour prior to show time

Purchase online:

Coffee & Conversation with Filmmaker MIDI ONODERA

Coffee & Conversation is a NEW interview series with tenants at Artscape Youngplace. Our first interview is with Midi Onodera. Midi is an award-winning filmmaker who has been directing, producing, and writing films for over thirty years. Her work spans from short to feature-length films and videos, and is exhibited internationally. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Midi in her studio, and get the inside scoop on her latest projects.

Read the Full Interview HERE