Call for Proposals: Fall 2014 Business Skills for Growth Workshop Series

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Artscape is inviting creative entrepreneurs, and those working in support of them, to come together and craft an ‘a la carte menu’ of workshops tailored specifically to the commercial aspirations of the creative community. If you have an idea for a suitable workshop, we’d love to hear from you.

The deadline for proposals for workshops taking place in Fall 2014 is May 30, 2014. Please complete the online Call for Proposals Submission Form.

Workshop Specifics:

  1. Must be targeting the business development needs of at least one of the following:
  • existing or aspiring creative entrepreneurs and/or freelancers
  • small to large creative business owners
  • creative and cultural sector non-profit entities
  • creative and cultural sector industries
  1. Can be directed at the creative community as a whole or at a specific creative practice.

For example:

  • Navigating Copyright: Protecting Yourself from Getting Ripped Off’ would be targeting the creative community as a whole
  • Copyright Law and the Music Industry: Protecting Yourself from Getting Ripped Off’ would be targeting a specific creative practice, in this case, musicians.
  1. Can be delivered in a variety of formats from panel discussions to targeted skill building workshops, to a series of workshops. Your workshop is not limited to the three formats listed here – feel free to propose a format that best suits the learning needs of your audience. If you have a long-term series of workshops that span more than one season, that is also ok.

Examples of different formats:

  • Panel Discussion – ‘Breaking into the Fashion Industry: A Panel Discussion on How to Get Started in Today’s Hyper Competitive Fashion Market’
  • Targeted Skill Building – ‘Developing your Personalized Marketing Campaign: A Hands-On Workshop
  • A Series of Workshops – ‘Sell Online, In Craft Fairs, As an Exporter, and As a Wholesaler: A Series of Workshops Exploring the Changing Landscape of Hawking your Wares’
  1. Must have articulated learning objectives. Registrants should be able to identify what, exactly, they will get out of attending.

The Curation Process

Artscape will put together a selection and advisory committee composed of members of the creative community representing the various interests and perspectives of the target audience. Applicants will be notified about the outcome of their proposal by email within four weeks.

This committee will review and select workshops for the Fall 2014 Business Skills for Growth Workshop Series based on the following:

The Big Picture: Workshops will be selected based on how they fit into the entire picture. We’re looking to have a variety of topics, approaches and levels taking place each session. The goal is to provide an excellent and comprehensive selection of workshops that are highly relevant to the specific needs of the identified audience.

Relevance to Audience: Your ability to demonstrate the topic’s relevance to your target audience will be important. Why are you proposing this specific topic? Describe how you have identified the relevancy of your learning objectives. Describe how you will personally bring out the audience you need to make your efforts worthwhile.

Your Background, Expertise and Ability: Show us that you are the right person to deliver this workshop. What makes you the right person to teach others about your topic? Outline your specific experience with the subject matter. Have you delivered this workshop before? How did you measure its success?

The Opportunity:

This is what’s in it for you:

  • Below market rates for space rental in a state of the art building in the heart of Toronto’s most creative community. Workshop hosts will benefit from a reduced rate on space rentals at Artscape Youngplace for as little as $20 per hour depending on the size of your organization and the duration of your event
  • Assistance with associated administration and promotion. Artscape Youngplace has all administrative systems in place that help you set up and promote your workshop. As this is a sector wide initiative with many community partners, promotion of the Business Skills for Growth Workshop Series will be far and wide. The series will be promoted through Artscape’s monthly eNews, Artscape Youngplace eNews, weblistings and social media shares
  • Your profits – Set your own price point, determine your own budget, take home everything you earn above your costs
  • To be front and centre in creating a community-based curriculum in support of entrepreneurship and commercial activity in the creative and cultural sector

The Business Skills for Growth Workshop Series is part of Artscape Launchpad’s pilot programming. Artscape Launchpad will be a new creative and cultural sector entrepreneurship centre connecting the creative community with the tools, knowledge and space to establish and grow small businesses and commercial projects. Current workshops and programs are a part of the lead up to Artscape Launchpad’s anticipated opening date in 2017.

To Apply:

Please complete the online Call for Proposals Submission Form by May 30, 2014.

Information Sessions:

Still have questions? Attend one of the following information sessions at Artscape Youngplace (180 Shaw Street):