Call for Artists: Artscape Sandbox launches two exciting initiatives for professional artists

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Sanbox exterior_June 2015_Andreas_NO WIRES

Artscape Sandbox is brand new flexible and multidisciplinary performance space in the heart of the entertainment district. At over 6,000 square feet, the space is ripe for vibrant and innovative artistic creation on a large scale. We believe this special resource has something unique to offer professional artists as a space for exploration, innovation and presentation.

Run as a social enterprise, Artscape Sandbox operates with a sliding-scale rental model to offset expenses and allows for  a wide range of artists and community members  access to the space at highly subsidized rates. Above and beyond this sliding scale, Artscape is committed to offering meaningful creative opportunities in our artistic sector that match the incredible commitment and resources artists bring to their creative and entrepreneurial projects.

Artscape is excited to announce two special initiatives for Artscape Sandbox’s first year of operations:

The Artscape Sandbox Creation Initiative makes this specialized performance space available to professional artists for just $1 per day. For up to 30 days per calendar year Artscape Sandbox will be available to arts professionals looking for a large scale, flexible space to develop and/or present new artistic projects and/or to develop further resources for large scale creation projects.

Click here to access the Artscape Sandbox Creative Initiative Call for Submissions.

The Artscape Sandbox Resident Teachers Initiative. Artscape Sandbox is seeking artists, arts organizations, and collectives interested in becoming resident teachers at Artscape Sandbox. This initiative provides successful candidates with a one-day booking at no charge and subsequent bookings at a heavily subsidized rate. Resident teachers at Artscape Sandbox will have marketing support, access to in-kind or discounted printing and complete control over their class administration, including registrations, fee payments and participant communication. We are interest seeking creative ideas and teachers that could benefit from a regular home in a large-scale venue. Resident Teacher classes can be any structure, including one-offs, drop-ins, or multiple sessions.

Click here to access Artscape Sandbox Resident Teachers Call for Submissions.

The Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2015 at 11:59 pm. An announcement of the selected artists for projects up until the end of December 2016 will be made October 28, 2015.

For more information and technical specifications about Artscape Sandbox, please review our Client Guide.

For additional information about renting Artscape Sandbox outside of these opportunities please visit