Business Skills for Growth–a New Workshop Series

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Without a doubt, learning how to financially thrive, let alone survive, ranks highly on every creative person’s priority list. As perplexing as this challenge can be, plenty of creatives are out there doing it, and doing it well.

Toronto is home to vibrant creative and cultural companies, organizations, and businesses, all fueled by creative talent and gusto. Simultaneously, the local, hand-made, indie-everything movement is flourishing only because creative minds, hearts and hands have made it so.

Enterprising creatives are making a big mark on this city – their collective actions coming together to generate increasing demand for creative products and services. As a result, opportunities for business savvy creatives abound.

That’s where the Business Skills for Growth Workshop Series comes in.

Spring 2014 – Calling all Creatives!

We’re creating a community-based learning initiative envisioned, crafted, delivered and developed by the creative community, for the creative community.

If you’re interested in learning how to thrive in your creative or cultural industry, or how to acquire and develop the skills you need to establish or grow anything from a commercial project to a small business, to an organization or even a corporation, then this series of workshops is for you.

Learn from those who’ve done it – from creative entrepreneurs themselves, from industry insiders, from those who run the business side of things, from non-profit organizations and associations, and from leading thinkers and influencers. Become a part of a community invested in keeping creativity at the heart of business development.

The Business Skills for Growth Workshop Series begins Spring 2014

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The Business Skills for Growth Workshop Series is part of Artscape Launchpad’s pilot programming. Artscape Launchpad will be a new creative and cultural sector entrepreneurship centre connecting the creative community with the tools, knowledge and space to establish and grow small businesses and commercial projects. Current workshops and programs are a part of the lead up to Artscape Launchpad’s anticipated opening date in 2017.