Artscape’s Creative Entrepreneurship Program

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In the Fall of 2014, Artscape Launchpad Presents: the Creative Entrepreneurship Program, a wrap-around program for creatives who are ready to take their commercial ideas seriously. Embed yourself in the creative business community as you bring your business visions to life.

Over a six-month period, you will attend six in-depth, hands-on, knowledge and skill building workshops targeting different aspects of establishing and growing your creative business or project. At the same time you will be doing actual work to start or grow an actual business or project.

The goal at the end of this program is to start earning from your idea.
You will be accompanied on your journey by a diverse group of other creative entrepreneurs, creative and cultural industry professionals, as well as coaches and mentors, all interested in helping you make your business fly. This is not school – there are no tests or grades. No one will be holding your hand. This is a real world, creative entrepreneurship learning community working together to support our mutual success.

If you’re serious and ready to take action to start a small business, grow an existing business, or commercialize a creative project, this program was made for you.

  • The first program will begin in Fall 2014. Participants will be selected through a competitive process requiring an application and interview.
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  • If you are interested in taking part in the Creative Entrepreneurship Program, it is highly recommended that you attend the Creative Business Design Workshop taking place on April 26 at Artscape Youngplace

The Creative Entrepreneurship Program is part of Artscape Launchpad’s pilot programming. Artscape Launchpad will be a new creative and cultural sector entrepreneurship centre connecting the creative community with the tools, knowledge and space to establish and grow small businesses and commercial projects. Current workshops and programs are a part of the lead up to Artscape Launchpad’s anticipated opening date in 2017.